Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Get Ready to Vote On My Book Cover

I just launched the contest for a book cover design on 99Designs, so in a few days I should be able to open up the voting to you wonderful people who have stuck around for two and a half-years between books!

In order to help you make the best choice, I'm sharing below the same things I shared with the designers, including the back-cover blurb for Through the Fairy Ring. I'll provide the links to my Pinterest author page, where you can find the individual pages for Finding Meara, Through the Fairy Ring and the Realm in general below the blurb, in case you want to see the visual inspiration I've had.

I'll also post the links to some music videos on YouTube. I'm not going embed them, as a couple of them are 2CELLOS and after Luka Sulic deleted the Instagram I had embedded in my post last week, and my horror at the thought it might be related to my sharing the Instagram on my blog, I'm just not going there with anything 2CELLOS related. (I offer an apology to Luka Sulic, too.)

Okay! Here's the blurb for Through the Fairy Ring! (This is so exciting!)

Settling into domestic bliss within the magical lands of the Realm proves harder for Hazel Michelli than she thought. The everyday stresses of being a single mother, running Rosen Manor and learning to wield her new-found magical powers quickly erodes her wonder of the magical world. Some days she can’t believe she’s only twenty-seven years old. She feels like her mother, and she doesn’t like it.

It’s only when rogue Fairies poison her children that Hazel realizes what is truly important to her. Each passing moment moves them further into the Spirit World and out of Hazel’s life. Returning them to health takes precedence over everything, including her complicated relationship with Arden, the duty-bound Daragward.

Desperate to find a cure, Hazel begs Edlark the Fairy King and Amena the Pixie Queen for assistance, but becomes entangled in Fairy-Pixie politics instead. Each promises to help, but only if Hazel agrees to their impossible demands.

Unwilling to play their games, Hazel hunts for an alternative cure. If she doesn’t find one, she’ll be forced to enter a profane alliance with the Fairy King, selling her soul and her future to prevent losing her children to the Spirit World forever.

Here's the link to 2CELLOS Celloverse which holds the same magic I feel about the Realm.

The link to 2CELLOS Benedictus which is like a scene soundtrack to a scene between Hazel and her kids after they've fallen ill.

The link to Skin of the Night by M83, which has the feel of Arden and Hazel's relationship. (I'm so excited I can finally share this, as M83 hadn't put up the audio on YouTube until just three months ago. I've wanted to share it for over a year.)

The link to 2CELLOS They Don't Care About Us which is like an anthem for Through the Fairy Ring.

And finally, Albannach's Eye of the Storm album, which has been inspiration for the Realm from the beginning. There are Albannach videos/audio files on YouTube, but none loaded by them that I can find, so I've linked to their webpage, where you can listen to bits of the songs. Maybe you'll like them so much you'll buy the album! They're indie, so their website is the only place you can find it.

All right! I'll be back in a few days to share the voting link with you for the contest. It may overlap with Funny Friday Photos, too. Have a great rest of the week until then!


I'd love to hear your thoughts! Please leave your comments below.


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