Thursday, November 27, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: Romaine Calm

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
(Even if you didn't celebrate the holiday this week!)

I have one thing in particular to be thankful for. Last week I had a surge of blog visitors--like, in the thousands type surge. I wish I knew who to thank for it, but I have no idea how so many people found my blog. If you're a return visitor, though, thank YOU for coming back!

I've used my holiday time to write. My husband took my children to visit his parents, and I stayed home to take care of our four dogs. Being alone means I have unlimited writing time. I've also been watching movies the rest of my family doesn't want to see, including Hamlet with David Tennant and Only Lovers Left Alive with Tom Hiddleston. It's very different to do what I want to do. I never realize it until moments like these, when I don't have to watch Spongebob for the thousandth time.

Ready for this week's funny photos? Here you go!

Not outdated in Wyoming. I personally know two people with handlebar mustaches.
Okay, maybe outdated, but still worn.

So, the "carry croutons" just makes me laugh, for some reason.

King Arthur's unknown, neighboring kingdom.

Truly a kitten's nightmare.

Which is faster - turtle or sloth?

This is what my son's head looks like.

Like around here, with all the fracking trucks. And yes, I mean trucks having to do with the fracking process, not as a word substitute for the "F"-word.

Weekly puns:

And here's an adorable picture I've included just because it is adorable. It looks like the baby snail is kissing the big one.

My favorite this week is "romaine calm" walrus, but I like "get a long little doggie," too.

Which is your favorite?

If you celebrated Thanksgiving this week, was it a good one?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: Cutesicles Are Cute

Happy Friday, everyone!

My week started off with Boy 1 breaking his wrist (with the help of Boy 2) and only got crazier from there.

Today I saw this video about the Lammily doll (which is a doll with average proportions) and what some second gradeArs thought about the doll. I've fought with my body image all my life, and I have to say the children's perspectives on the doll and what makes people beautiful was pretty awesome. There's so much I like about the video I could turn this into its own post, so instead I'll just encourage you to take a look at the video and let me know what you think.

This week's funny photos are:

I hear this in Will Smith and Harry Connick Jr.'s voices at the end of Independence Day when they deliver the bomb to the mothership. 

Just 'cause, you know, it is cute.

The origins of Pac-Man.

For all my friends with grammar issues.

A few puns...

I think my favorite (besides the video) is the Pac-Man observatory.

Which is your favorite?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: Have You Heard of Sarchasm?

Happy Friday!

So, this is what it's been like around my house.

I now know why I was so tired last week, and it's spreading through the rest of my family.

I've started listening to audio-books while I'm driving to work and then out to pick up my children from school, which gives me a good hour of "reading" a day. I just finished Roger Zelazny's The Nine Princes of Amber, read by Roger Zelazny. I can see why it's a classic.

When I pitched Finding Meara, even though I'd only read the beginning of the Nine Princes, I'd relate the story as "Roger Zelazny meets Janet Evanovich." I'm happy to say that I wasn't too far off. The mixture of science and fantasy is there, as well as the alternate world, and urban fantasy elements. Also, there's a heavy family theme in Princes, although it's more of an epic fantasy kind of plot. Taking all of that into consideration, I guess it's not surprising I enjoyed the story. Combined with great writing, world building and fun dialogue, I think Roger Zelazny is going to become one of my favorite authors.

Last week's funniest photo is:

Angry Chair!
This week's post is a little on the long side. I kept finding cute photos and just added them in. I hope no one minds!


I'm embarrassed to admit, but I'm the clueless dog on the right most of the time.

The way of insistent salespeople.

This is just too cute a picture.


This picture does not make sense.

The ones made off-planet just aren't as good quality.

A few puns:

Dandelion - isn't it beautiful!

Wouldn't it be helpful if life gave us such obvious signs?

I have a tie this week between lettuce cat and sarcastic dogs. I really like them both.

Do you like any one photo more than the others?

What have you been reading lately?

Friday, November 07, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: A Plethora of Puns

Thank goodness it's Friday!

How has your week gone? All week long I've been falling asleep on the couch while trying to write. Lots and lots of emotion at work, which I've noticed totally drains me. It's been a good week, but exhausting.

The scene I'm writing is the "dark moment," the third plot point for the story. It's a lot of imaginative work, and so it's fun, but also hard. I'm looking forward to editing. It's starting to feel like a book. My second novel!

And I still don't have a name. Maybe I'll ask the people who beta read for me for suggestions.

Last week's funniest photo is:

Are you ready for this week's photos?

Awww... Poor Kitty.

I totally know this feeling. This week.

Cat auditions for Wizard of Oz.

Glad that's clear.

Angry Chair...

Happy Chair! Attitude is everything.

I wasn't sure my picks for puns were funny enough, so I added some extras to make up in quantity any lack in quality. I think they're funny, but we all have our own opinions, right?

I swear I said "abdominal snowman" until I was in high-school.
And then I still had to think about which word was right.

I love this!

I hope everyone has a great next week and fun, restful weekend!

My favorite photo this week was Angry Chair. It looks so petulant.
Which did you like best?


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