Thursday, October 27, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Bath by Cat?

Happy Friday all you Funny Friday Photos Fiends!!

Is everyone ready for Halloween weekend? My children keep asking me if clowns are going to steal children and kill them this Halloween. The random, roaming clowns are 2016's answer to the bogey man.

At least it is for a large number of adults.

So, on a different note, how many of you have irritating bugs that just won't die in your environment still? We've had a freeze or two, but the fruit flies, no-see-ums and mosquitos just won't die!!

This is me after I've destroyed the house trying to kill any number of nasty biting insects or purely annoying flies. I have found that lilac oil is an amazing insect bite treatment. It takes the itch out and totally heals the bite much faster than Cortizone10. Apparently it helps to repel bed bugs and mosquitos. And peppermint oil is a repellent for spiders and ants.

Okay, okay. Let's see some funny photos! If you recognize any of these, let me know if I've used them before. I don't think I have, but it's been several years of photos.

So very the way I feel when my kids argue with me.

Another sarcastic sign.

Never thought about it, but quite true.

Why, Mittens! What big teeth you have!
And a pun...

My favorite is the no need to shower cat. Deranged animals crack me up, apparently. Except for deranged humans. They're just scary...

Any one in particular you like this time?

Thanks so much, Suzi, Veronica and David for commenting last time! 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Belugas with 'Tude

Happy Friday!

Below is a beluga with attitude. A bad one. Maybe  it's hangry. I don't know, but I think it's good it can't get to those little kids.

Did you know beluga whales can be that aggressive? They always have seemed to be serene, until now. Won't be looking at belugas the same way again.

Let's see some new photos. It's definitely an eclectic mix this week!

My kids know I'm the one with compassion for their nightmares, so guess who always gets woken up in the middle on the night. Scares the bejeebers out of me each time, too.

So...there's cereal down aisle sixteen?

The carrot would win. I'm not that cool.

There is a problem here.

It's a shame to use such a nicely painted can!

Could have fooled me.

A pun, which I may have used before, but is funny enough for a repeat.

This is such a weird group of photos. No animals except the mean beluga and a human. My fears of using something illegally is really making it tough to find funny pictures. 

I guess I'll pic kIron Can as my favorite. I continue to be fascinated by the bully beluga, too.

What's your favorite? Anyone have any writing news to share?

I apologize this is such a brief post, but for some reason I am so exhausted and ready for bed.
Have a great evening/Friday/weekend!


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