Thursday, August 18, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Clear Skin

Yay for Friday!

It's been quite a week here. Between my mom's health, getting my kids ready for and back to school, and work stresses, there has been very little time for anything else. Hopefully it's all smoothing out now, though. My mom is doing better, my kids made it through their first two days of school and we'll just get through the work stuff one office day at a time.

David is finally in the majority. Peanut Gallery got two of the three votes from two weeks ago, and is our winner. Congratulations, David!

So, let's see what I can find for this week!

Caption by xyzpdq1

I'm sorry?

That's pretty specific criteria for toilet usage.
And time for the pun:

Caption by cyborgcowboy69
Okay! My favorite is the last pun. It makes me laugh!

What's your favorite photo?
Did you have a nice two weeks?

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Happy Beavers

Happy Friday!

This week I realized three years have passed since I published Finding Meara. I think it's safe to say I've lost any momentum in the publishing side of things. That's okay, though. I've been rather introspective about life since starting working with the elderly population. I've decided life is what fills the space between birth and death, and I'm happy with what has filled my life so far. I used to feel like if I didn't accomplish some amazing feat I was not living life to it's fullest. But now, I think I've given priority in my life to the things that matter most, and I'm not too worried about accomplishing some amazing feat.

But, I'm still going to write and publish stories! That's just fun!

Thank you so much to Roland, Suzi, David, Lexa and Joe for commenting and voting for photos! Because of you, we actually have a winning photo this week! And that is...

Ranch bunny!

All-righty, then! Here we go with some new ones!

Caption by bajio6401

Caption by coolcatanator

Caption by unknown

Caption by TuckerBentley

Caption by NDBlackKat

Caption by unknown


Peanut Gallery! (by unknown)

By eightyeightdays
I love the happy beaver. It's little face is too adorable.

What's your favorite?


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