Thursday, August 28, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: It's a Vicious Cycle

Happy Friday!

I've been so pooped this week! I've tried to write, but it's been slow going. I keep falling asleep (or am brain dead) when I finally get to write after my boys are in bed.

Next weekend I'm going to attend the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer's Colorado Gold Conference, and I'm very excited. It's been a couple of years since I've been to a writer's conference, and I get to meet some writer friends I've only known on-line. That's always a lot of fun!

Two observations:

  • Either there aren't a lot of funny photos out there this week, or I've lost my sense of humor since returning to school.
  • The funny photos that are making me laugh are too indecent to put on this blog. I wish I could share, but I'd best not.

Last week's funniest photo is:

Here's the best funny I could find this week:

You don't want to make the Librarian Gangs mad. Bring your books back on time.

Fluffy opted for the super-collagen fill. (It's licking it's lips, in case you couldn't tell.)

Darn personal circumcisions - they always occur at the worst times...

Here's a couple puns:

I liked the collagen cat. Did you find any funny?
Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: And a PG-13 Pun

Happy Friday!

Yesterday was my first day back to school. I'm actually writing this post on Wednesday, so I hope it was a good day! Having some wibbly-wobbly, timey-whimey stuff going on writing this paragraph.

Speaking of which, the new Doctor lands tomorrow! I can't wait. I think Peter Capaldi is going to be excellent. And Vastra is back! She is so kick-a@$!

I didn't get to see Guardian's of the Galaxy, but Boy 2 told me the ending (he wanted to warn me because he thought I might cry. And he's probably right.) Anyway, knowing the two (GotG and the Doctor) makes this meme pretty funny!

We actually have a clear winner for last week's funniest photo, and it's...

Are you ready for the new photos?

I had to sing the song (Home on the Range), but then I cracked up. It looks like the picture is taken at the buffalo ranch outside of town. Yes, we have a buffalo ranch in Wyoming. They have camels, too.

More adorable than funny. :)

Corgi down!

I had this happen at Boy 2's kindergarten celebration. They didn't pray, but apparently she was teaching them to wait until everyone was served. I felt like such a boor! I swear I have manners!

The verb issues are annoying, but their faces are hilarious.

I just love stingrays!

Could this qualify for a pun? Or is it just funny?

Here are some for-sure puns.

Well, that's it! I hope we all have a great, relaxing weekend!

My favorite is the corgi who has fallen and can't get up.
Which is yours?

Photos from Cheezburger, as usual.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Funny Friday Photos - Warning: Happy Puns

Personally it's been an okay week, but over all, it's been one hell of a week for sadness, suffering, violence and abuses of power, hasn't it? Looking for funny photos has been kind of therapeutic, so if you're feeling a little down, I hope they help you, as well.

Next week I return to school! I'm excited about the school year because I'm looking forward to the work we're doing around mindfulness in education, and expanding on last year's start. I attended a workshop today on using neuroscience to augment therapies, and have a better idea of how to incorporate mindfulness on the individual level, as well as the group/class level.

Not much to report on the writing front. I've been attending to other parts of my life this week (ie. meetings to prepare for the school year, mothering and cleaning the house.) I'll get back to Book 2 tomorrow. Anyone want to help me name the darn thing?

Enough talking. Thanks for letting me chat, but let's get to the pictures!

There is nothing to say.

But the question is, why do you have to ask it?

What is that effect called? I can't remember.

Do you see the cat's face? Look for the face!

It was the lipstick that made me laugh.

Change the "gurrl" to "boy" and it's every fangirl in the world.

Okay, since the last one wasn't technically a picture (I had to include it! It cracked up the therapist in me!), I'll include one more picture.

Here's a couple puns!

Are your mirror neurons smiling? Mine are.

A nice wok in the park is always refreshing.

I was going to choose the cat in the vacuum, but then I found the smile on the house, and that's my favorite this time.

How was your week? Anything exciting happening for you?  
Did you like any of the photos this week?

Friday, August 08, 2014

Funny Friday Photos

Happy Friday!

The following picture pretty much sums up our house...

That's when Doctor Who returns, and it's all Doctor Who crazy around our house. Boy 1 is making Tardis's out of Legos (both the inside and the actual police box) and Boy 2 is toting his Adipose around to watch when they play Doctor Who videos. I guess I've passed on the obsession gene.

I don't know who made this meme, but it is so utterly cool. I found it on Cheeseburger (like the rest of the photos) and there is no attribution, or at least I couldn't find it, but still wanted to share. Because it's amazing.

While waiting for the Doctor, we'll go see Guardians of the Galaxy. We just haven't had time yet. It seems like every other weekend we're going somewhere.

All right! Here's some new photos to help brighten your weekend!

Waaatcha' dooin'?

Um, eew.

One of my least favorite parts in that play.


First contact.
So the next one isn't an animal - but it made me laugh hard, so here it is.

Creative shelving of the card section.


I think my favorite is the sympathy card. It's such a funny shock.

Do you have a photo you liked more than the others?

Friday, August 01, 2014

Funny Friday Photos With Extra Puns

Welcome to another Friday!
They just keep coming, don't they?

My week has been very...uneventful. What that translates to is that I spent it cleaning and purging the house, and writing. (Yay!)

Look at that little progress bar over to your right. Notice, it's above 50,000? I'm nearing the end, so things are getting interesting in the Realm. Fairy Kings and Pixie Queens are acting up, and poor Hazel is caught right in the middle, in the very worst way.

Last week's funniest photo was:

Another tie! The yoda truck and the adopted dog tied with two votes each, and if you want to see them again, click here. Otherwise, let's get on to this week's photos.

Her face! That is totally how I feel inside when my last nerve breaks.

It's cute how the mama moose is laying beside the pool, watching her babies.

I'm one of the few people I know allergic to beer. It's because of the sulfur content in the hops.
Weird, huh?

Doesn't this make you wonder what happened for them to put that in there?

Quite honestly, I'm like this with any Public Display of Affection, anywhere!

I don't know how this is a pun, but it was cute and made me laugh. Anyone get the pun?

Player wolf.

Now she knows who she really is.

I found quite a few puns this week. I wasn't sure if they were funny enough, so hoped to make up for potential sketchy quality with quantity. I hope you find at least one you like. :)

I waaant you to want me...I neeeed you to knead me... Which band sang that song?

Extra points to the person who knows which Shakespeare play this comes from!
(And yes, I know already.)

Like the final scenes in Labyrinth.

I can't decide if this is funny or horrific. I keep laughing, though.

My favorite is cheering Mom up. It's just the right find for the day. Except when I got mad, Boy 1 didn't try to cheer me up. He took back the ship he made me in Minecraft instead. When he told me the consequence of my frustration, I couldn't help but laugh, and I think it burst his self-righteous bubble. We're all good now, though.

Do you have a favorite this week?


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