Friday, August 08, 2014

Funny Friday Photos

Happy Friday!

The following picture pretty much sums up our house...

That's when Doctor Who returns, and it's all Doctor Who crazy around our house. Boy 1 is making Tardis's out of Legos (both the inside and the actual police box) and Boy 2 is toting his Adipose around to watch when they play Doctor Who videos. I guess I've passed on the obsession gene.

I don't know who made this meme, but it is so utterly cool. I found it on Cheeseburger (like the rest of the photos) and there is no attribution, or at least I couldn't find it, but still wanted to share. Because it's amazing.

While waiting for the Doctor, we'll go see Guardians of the Galaxy. We just haven't had time yet. It seems like every other weekend we're going somewhere.

All right! Here's some new photos to help brighten your weekend!

Waaatcha' dooin'?

Um, eew.

One of my least favorite parts in that play.


First contact.
So the next one isn't an animal - but it made me laugh hard, so here it is.

Creative shelving of the card section.


I think my favorite is the sympathy card. It's such a funny shock.

Do you have a photo you liked more than the others?


  1. Dr. Fisher is one brave soul. I have to give him his props! lol

    1. Have to give him something, because it takes something I don't have to let a gigantic snail climb on your face!

  2. The snail on the guy's face was ewww. And the card thing made me laugh.

    And yeah, definitely sounds like you passed on that obsession. Nothing wrong with that though. :)

    1. I think the obsession gene runs in our family. I'll call it perseverance, though. It's a less crazy sounding word. :)

  3. Loved these! Hilarious! (Except maybe the snail on the eyeball. Eek!) I loved the auditioning frog the best. :)

    1. I first saw A Streetcar Named Desire on television with Treat Williams. Whenever I hear the title of the play, I think of him standing in the middle of the street under the light of the lampost, his white t-shirt being soaked in the rain, and yelling "Stellllaaaa!" It's about the only thing I can remember, actually.


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