Thursday, July 30, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: Sensitive Sharks

Hello and Happy Friday to all!

This has been a rather uneventful, relaxing week. I feel bad because it's the first time in my married life where my husband has a job and I don't. I feel like I'm cheating by not bringing home a paycheck! I have started looking for a job, but in the meantime I better make use of the time to write. It's bizarre how fast the days pass, though, even without a job.

I hope you had a great week. We didn't really have a clear winner for funniest photo last week, but I'd like to say thanks to Mark Koopmans, Veronica Roth, Joe Hagy and Lexa Cain for commenting! Mark's autobiography about Donald Braswell II (which I was lucky to beta read a version and found it to be quite inspirational) will be released this fall. Joe has a very funny blog feature on Sundays called Stupid Headlines I love to read. Veronica is a very talented artist/painter (and shares tips on her blog) and Lexa has a great YA/Horror book called Soul Cutter out. I recommend visiting their blogs sometime!

First, there are some sensitive sharks:

And here's the rest of the new photos:

It's just there to make things look "business-y."

Couldn't remember if I shared this one before, but I love the up-close crow's face, so decided to share anyway!

I got my Nebraska driver's license this week. The lady said, "Wait for the flash," and I waited, and waited. About when my face was like the cat's, it finally flashed. My pic is still better than my husband's though, so I'll be grateful.

Elevate in class.

Thanks for coming and checking out this week's photos. Have a wonderful weekend!

My favorite is the smiling cat. Do you have a favorite?

Friday, July 24, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: Adorable Emojis

Happy Friday!

How was your week?

This week I've been teaching my boys how to be cyclists in town, going for bike rides with them pretty much every night, and absolutely loving every minute of it. Biking here feels a lot like the bicycle tour my husband and I did in Michigan, so there's lots of good memories being stirred up, too. It's been a while since I've ridden, mostly because the boys were too young and, living in the country, we had no place to ride. So, it's been a triumphant return to cycling. I was explaining to the boys to say "on your left" as you pass by people to let them know you're there, and Boy 2 said, "Oh! Like in Captain America." He made me laugh...

I also have been beta reading my friend Nicole Bates' novel, got the files for Through the Fairy Ring copied over to my new computer, and started wading through the notes I wrote to myself while writing the first draft. I kind of feel like a writer again!

A quick thanks to Joe, Suzi, Veronica, David, Leigh and Lexa for the comments. You guys really are the most awesome people I know.

The choice for favorite last week was:

Are we ready for the new photos this week?

I'm sure I've shared this before, but I really relate to it right now. I've never had the problem of the humidity in the air making my hair curl into a poof ball before. I'm anxious for it to grow out again, so it might lay a little flatter!

The reality of growing older.

I couldn't resist a couple of bicycle themed photos:


I heard I Know You're Out There Somewhere by the Moody Blues on the radio today, and decided to share it here. I love the Moody Blues--have since I was about five years old. I got to actually see them in concert in the early 90's with my sister. That was pretty awesome.

My favorite today is the escaped emojis. Those little birds are just too cute.

Do you have a favorite?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: More Defiant Office Furniture

Happy Friday!

I hope this week went well for all! 

A huge "thank you" to Suzi, Veronica and Lexa for commenting last week. I haven't visited other blogs in quite a while, so I appreciate your patience with me. And your willingness to continue to visit and chat! I promise I'll be visiting blogs soon, so keep an eye out for me. Moving has just taken waaay longer than I thought it would. I'm getting very anxious to start writing again, too, so that's a good by-product.

I also would like to thank "Buffalo Girl" for taking the time to actually e-mail me (because she can't comment on the blog.) I very much enjoyed your e-mail and hope you continue to enjoy the blog!

My excitement for the week came from actually starting to live in my new house, and seeing Jurassic World. I highly recommend seeing Jurassic World with a big screen (like movie-theater sized), because the fight scenes were awesome and just wouldn't be as impressive on a TV screen.

Let's take a look at some new photos, all from I Can Has Cheezeburger?

This one is more because it's cute, not so much funny.

Actually, mouths without teeth don't look nearly so large.

This is why I don't have cats. My dogs like to sleep in, like me.

Who knew office furniture threw tantrums.

Our weekly puns:


I love the writing structure puns, but also the kitty nose and the petulant office chair. So I guess I can't pick a favorite.

Do you have a favorite this week?

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: Portal Traveling Kitties

Happy Friday!

Here's something to put you in a good mood:

You'd have to be really cranky for pictures of baby pandas to not move your attitude from negative to positive.

Speaking of feelings, have you seen Inside Out? I went on Sunday and loved it. The way they used cartoons to explain how feelings work was awesome. Add to it a very sweet story, and it was a winner in my book.

Thanks to David, Suzi and Lexa for commenting last week!

Here's some new photos:

I've stopped wearing a lot of makeup, and sometimes I wonder if people think "Eeek! Don't look at me! You haven't put on your face!" I will admit,  though, it's been very freeing to not worry so much about what I look like to other people.

Those portals to other dimensions pop up in the strangest places.

Glad to know I'm not the only one who isn't all that excited for the new Minion movie.
I'm hoping my kids won't want to go.

He got in with a bad crowd, once he left the 100 Acre Wood.


What I always think when watching SpongeBob or Pirates of the Caribbean.

Kitty Snackums and Bob Cat are my favorites this week.

What are yours?

Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 03, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: Booby Traps

Happy Friday, everyone!

This was my expression this week.

The reality of moving my family six hours away from everything familiar finally hit me.

Let me tell you, Eastern Nebraska has some brutal bunnies (that's what boy 2 calls them.) On Tuesday there was a murder of ravens in our backyard, harassing the other birds and the plenteous bunnies. Apparently, one of the bunnies had enough of being chased, because in mid-run he jumped up and grabbed a raven out of the air, slammed it to the ground, and proceeded to jump on it until the raven just lay on the ground for a good twenty minutes. When the raven finally got up, it kind of wandered around punch-drunk. Earlier in the day the internet guy mentioned he was feeling a little afraid of the aggressive ravens. He should have been afraid of the bunnies. We all should be afraid of the bunnies.

Monty Python was right.

Here are this week's funny photos!

And to you, good sir. (Just ignore the typo...)

I love this! Maybe because I love Laura Ingalls Wilder? She was a phenomenal woman.

Oh. My. God.

I had to think about this one. Yes, I am a little slow sometimes.

I try to share comparison photos that are only complimentary to the actor. It's not a bad thing to resemble a turtle a little, is it? Sometimes I look like a turtle. And feel like one.

I love the Peter Capaldi/Turtle one. I feel terribly guilty for finding it as funny as I did. Booby trap is a close second.

I just realized this post is filled with puns, even for the pictures not found in the pun section of I Can Has Cheeseburger.

Which is your favorite? Do you have any bunny horror stories?


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