Thursday, January 28, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Make Room for Cake

Happy Friday!

Well, we all made it through another week, hopefully all in one piece. I've got some work to do on Through the Fairy Ring this weekend. I think I'll let everything except the laundry go this weekend to get it done. Boy 1 and Boy 2 will be happy because they're going to get to binge on video games.

I won't keep us from the new photos. I had less time tonight to find photos, so I'm afraid there's only six, instead of the usual eight. I'm not sure how much longer this post is going to be viable. It's getting harder and harder to find truly funny pictures.

But here's this week's offering!
Via icanhascheeseburger, caption by Sandyra.

Caption by bronswirlz13

I love the glasses!
Via icanhascheeseburger.

Via icanhaschdeeseburger, caption by ilovedoxies2

This sign is in Belgrade. Absolutely awesome!
Via icanhascheeseburger.

From icanhascheeseburger, via smusherface.

My favorite is either the cake cat, or the cliffhanger. I'll always make room for cake. I love cake.

What's your favorite?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Cuttlefish are Cute, Too.

Happy Friday!

So, how was your week? My last two have been a struggle, to be honest. But, on the plus side, I'm looking forward to getting back to work on Through the Fairy Ring this weekend by incorporating beta-reader feedback into the story, and getting it closer to publication.

I have been heartened by the reactions of those who have read TTFR so far. Okay, so I guess it's more accurate to say "thrilled" or "amazed" at the reactions. It's exciting to know people have loved it, and now I can make it even better.

Let's get on to the photos, shall we?

I'm short a photo, but I'm really tired, too, so I hope you'll all forgive me.

My sense of humor ran away last week.
From icanhascheeseburger, caption by Muttmeat.

From icanhascheeseburger, caption by olmatuck

From icanhascheeseburger, caption by olmatuck

Is that an option? I'd really like second Sunday.
From icanhascheeseburger, caption by olmatuck.

Last Friday, this was my family.
From icanhascheeseburger, caption by Chris10a

From icanhascheeseburger.

Why, yes. Yes, I do.
I think this is from icanhascheeseburger...

I love the cuttlefish. That's my  favorite this week. 
How about you? Did any make you laugh?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Coffee Makes the World Go Round

Happy Friday!

As I'm sure everyone is aware, the world has lost a phenomenal amount of talent this week, and the magic of the world feels a little dimmer without David Bowie and Alan Rickman. While I loved David Bowie from the time I was six years old (believe it or not), he really became inspirational to me in the movie Labyrinth. I think Edlark might have a little of the Goblin King inhabiting him. Here's the ballroom scene from the movie - one of my favorite parts.

Let's move on to some new photos, and this week I include a couple of gifs. I think gifs are the funny of the future.
By kwisto via

Gif on icanhascheeseburger via cat gif central.

What happens to me when I try to eat and read at the same time.
Gif on icanhascheeseburger via anselmbe

Um, yeah. Pretty much.
On icanhascheeseburger via itstimetorock

You know, just in case you weren't sure.
On icanhascheeseburger via f4-wolfhoud


What I think of when I hear someone say "I don't even."

I think my favorite is the dog gif. Its tongue totally cracks me up!

Which is your favorite? Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: The Perfect Mom I Am Not

Happy Friday!

Not much going on here - just sipping some Lemon Ginger tea and looking at funny animal photos...

I hope you all had a great week. Mine has been pleasant. I've been reading, playing video games and, so far, the feedback on Through the Fairy Ring has been positive. I'm feeling pretty good!

Next up, the funny photos!

This can not be for real... 

The way I'm feeling this week.
via: theblessedone

Umm, what?

I love dog expressions when they feel you've turned on them.
Via: ulrickadoo

Some days I don't even make it to breakfast.
Via the Metapicture

My favorite today was the Cruella DeVille mom. It's just so accurate. :P

Have a wonderful weekend!


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