Friday, January 20, 2017

Silly Saturday Photos: Who Gives a Puck?

Welcome to the weekend!

How is everyone? I think I'm getting to be old. Last weekend I hurt my back by bending over. That's all. Just bent over to get groceries out of the car. I had great plans to write over the extended weekend, and instead spent the entire watching Netflix/Amazon Prime with ice on my back. I did finally watch the Captain America: Civil War and the Night Manager with Tom Hiddleston. He totally deserved the Golden Globe he won for playing Jonathon Pine. I wish his acceptance speech had gone over better.

Reading or watching movies (and now writing itself) has always been an escape for me. When life has been harder to deal with, I've relied on my imagination to get me out of my head and keep me sane. There is no greater honor than to know that something I created has given the same gift to others. To entertain, to lift people out of their own lives and take them on a magic carpet ride of their imagination, is a fantastic privilege.  I think that's all he was trying to say, but instead of cutting him some slack, the internet went all crazy, as it does anymore.

Anyway, here are this week's photos! I hope you can find some thing that makes you laugh this week.

No more, no less.

And never, ever right lane.


Anyone hearing Foghorn Leghorn right now? "Screw. Ball. Screwball? Got it sonny?"

I love the little dowager bird. It looks like it's in an evening gown.

How has your last couple of weeks been?
Do you like any of the photos?

Friday, January 06, 2017

Silly Saturday Photos: A Froze Nose


Happy Saturday!

I missed another post, and decided to just switch days instead of waiting a full two more weeks. Who knows, I might move the post to Saturday all the time, so I can stay up late finding photos and not worry about having to be to work the next day.

Over the last several weeks I've made several decisions. The first is to avoid reading about US politics, which means steadfastly avoiding scrolling through any social media. Pretty soon we're going to have world leaders in twitter fights with Donald Trump and I just don't want to be a witness to it.

I've organized my home life to within an inch of  my sanity. I have a financial budget, an food and exercise plan and a weekly cleaning schedule. I'm hoping by doing a little bit of cleaning all through the week I'll have bigger blocks of time to edit on the weekends. Then I can write new stuff during the week in short-time bursts in a handwritten notebook. This is my first week trying it out, and it's looking good going into the weekend. There's very little cleaning to do, and I can conceive of editing all day on Sunday. So exciting!!

Anyway - I'm ready for new photos, so perhaps you are, too! Let's go!

And a pun.

I think my favorite is the owl. It's how I've felt this week.

Did you see one you liked better than the others? Tell me in the comments!


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