Thursday, December 18, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: Lots of Photos, Lots of Cats

Thank goodness it's Friday, and for me,
it's the beginning of Christmas Vacation!

This week my friend, Dr. Holly Wells, and I were contacted by the School Library Journal about using one of our #ShakesTag tweets in an article they're writing about Shakespeare. Once it's a sure thing, and the article is printed in their online journal, I'll share the link. I can't say how excited I am that #ShakesTag is getting attention beyond my group of twitter friends who play the game.

With three mentions, last week's winning photo was:

And here's this week's photos:

Drums and surprised kittens - a fun combination.

My winters in Wyoming.

Grumpy Cat's brother, Apathetic Cat.

At times, this is accurate.

The only creature that should even attempt duck-face.

It took me a second to see the cat - I only saw the egg.

For those cold nights.

I think they needed a copy-editor.

And a couple of puns:

Isn't it amazing!

Good old Max Planck, the originator of Quantum theory.

Finally, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

My favorite this week is Fleece Navidad. The lamb's joy is contagious.

I'll be taking the next week off, so I hope you all have Happy Holidays, and I'll see you in 2015!

Which is your favorite?
Are you ready for Christmas?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: Where's Your Happy?

Happy Friday!

My lovely online friend and fellow writer, Lexa Cain (she wrote the awesome YA book Soul Cutter - you should read it - very, very good), tagged me for a fun Facebook meme called Eight Terrible Titles, created by D.L. Hammons. The way it works is you scroll the cursor through your manuscript, stop randomly on any page, and select the phrase your cursor landed on - and soon you have eight terrible titles. Instead of keeping it all on Facebook, I thought I'd share over here, too.

Eight Terrible Titles by Lara Schiffbauer

1. Keep Ten Paces Behind
2. Any Other Way
3. Be a Dragon
4. Like a Dirty Diaper
5. Time to Find Another Portal
6. Through the Fairy Ring
7. Braided Bun and Periwinkle Daisies
8. An Audible Wave of Energy

I actually kind of like "Through the Fairy Ring." Not at all original though.

There was actually a consensus last week on which photo was the week's favorite. It was:

Are you ready for this week's photos? All right then! Let's go!

Absolutely the way I feel when I drink two cups of coffee and don't eat.

Sounds better than sea urchins. Looks better, too!

I don't think cats approve of anything humans do.

Leo the Lop? Is that you?

Too bad they don't have any glue... Oh. Wait.

The phrase "tear away pants" always reminds me to watch the Full Monty. I love that movie!

To start getting us in the Holiday spirit:

My favorite this week is the dog with a happy in its teeth. Just too cute of an expression.

I'm excited for this weekend because I'm finally going to get to see The Guardians of the Galaxy! I bought it back on Tuesday and I've been looking at it longingly all week. Okay, I'm laying it on a little thick, but I am excited to watch it. And cry.

You know what movies are as bad as Disney movies as far as making you cry? Pokemon! I've watched two this week with my sons and each one had the tears rolling. Self-sacrifice and grief and loss themes do that to me, though.

Anyway! Did you like any particular photo this week? What are your weekend plans? Have you already seen Guardians of the Galaxy?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: Shark Pranks

Happy Friday!

I think this question every weekend.

I hope your week was quick and painless. 

I remember when I used to write real posts. My life seemed to have so many more interesting things going on. Things I thought other people might be interested in, at least. Now, I find it hard to imagine anything that's going on with me might be interesting to others. It's funny how much can change in a year.

But, enough seriousness. Let's get to the photos:

So, yeah. My heart breaks for this poor dog. Been there, felt that!

I have never seen such a disgusted dog.

When sharks prank humans.

Crazy, homicidal cat.


I think my favorite was the disappointed dog, but the soul collecting dog was a close second.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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