Sunday, September 03, 2017

Silly Sunday (?) Photos: It's All About the GIFs

Happy Weekend to you all!

This is what my Labor Day weekend has been like:

Rather oxymoronic, right? I have done very little, today at least. I guess that's what extended holidays are for? Maybe it's a mom thing, but I always line up a gazillion projects to do on long weekends, like an extra ten hours one weekend is going to make some amazing difference. And I usually don't get things done because I'm overwhelmed and like, "Forget it! I'll just lay on the ground and graze grass."

Yesterday I did do our shopping and when we finally finished, this is what I felt like:

This is how editing is going right now:

It's actually not that bad. I'm finishing up the developmental stuff and am getting to the point of deciding to move on, which feels a little like the GIF above. But at least I'm making progress.

This monkey knows Jedi mind tricks. You now really want to eat peanuts or bananas.

This is a cute one - it takes a little time to start, so just keep watching!

And two cute, non-GIF puns:

This past week has been crazy, with trauma and tragedy the world over, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed this next week goes so much better for everyone, everywhere. And hopefully you found a little something to help you smile in this post.

Best wishes for a new week!!


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