Thursday, May 26, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Love Them Geeky Puns

Yay for Friday!

Well, I'm officially off for the summer. Let's see if I can get my book finished! I'm not at all sure what I'll do after publishing Through the Fairy Ring. I'm thinking I'll write Age of Stars finally, and put it up on Wattpad.

Oh, by the way, I put the new first chapter of TTFR on Wattpad today. I'm looking for feedback, trying to see if I give enough history in the first chapter without making an info dump, so if you are interested in giving me your opinion,  click on the photo below: 

No real winner for last week, so I say let's get on with the new photos!

Look at how huge that elephant is!!
Caption by penelopesdad

Caption by TuckerBentley

Ever feel like this? I have--usually after a hugely bad day.

Caption by Jedi51

Hmmm. To an ankle?

Okay, okay. I'm sorry.
Via Daily Picks and Flicks (yes, that is really the website. Ewww.)

Puns from Chemistry Cat:

That's all folks!!

I love the Chemistry Cat puns...all of them.

What's your favorite?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Pink Llama Gums

Happy Friday!

I took a little break last week. I hope you don't mind. I wasn't finding funnies and I was a little overwhelmed with life, so I decided to just let it be for a week. I think it worked, because this week seems to have some cute photos.

Do you want to know what is a little shocking? I was on MSN today, and an Amazon pop up ad came up on the website and the ad was for Finding Meara! It was quite odd. I wish it was because I had a sudden surge of sales, but sadly I'm sure they tracked cookies somehow. It was a funny moment, though.

Are you ready for photos? Last, last week's was:

Here's some new photos! Enjoy!

The way I feel when swimming in murky water, or when I feel that sensation of a bug crawling on my skin.

From \

It took a second, but then I realized the meme is right. All babies must feel this way.

Who remembers Avatar: the Last Airbender?

Caption by G1arawen

It's little pink gums!
Via Cheeseburger, caption by Emerald63

Pigeon job interview?


Well, I hope you all have a great week! I think my favorite photo is the gummy baby llama.

Do you have a favorite?
How were your last couple weeks?

Friday, May 06, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Ocelot or Ocelittle?

Yay for Friday!

Starting on Tuesday, each day felt like it was Friday. Each day I was disappointed. But not today! Today is Friday!

This was a distracting week, too. Boy 2 had his birthday, so the weekend and beginning of the week were devoted to him. We won't talk about how the writing has been coming.

You know, it's occurred to me that I've been writing/blogging for long enough that talking about writing (and the accompanying fears, insecurities, weird procrastinations, etc...) is really pretty redundant. Some weeks I get a lot done and feel good, some weeks I don't. It's just the way it is. I'm sorry there isn't more exciting stuff to talk about. In some alternate universe I'm sure there's all kinds of exciting writing (and non-writing) things happening to alternate-me. But, sadly, you're stuck with this boring me!

So, let's talk new funny photos! Last week was a slow er than usual week for views, so we won't have a winner. Here's this week's offering!


Caption by irtygf

Caption by HomicidalManiac


Caption by Iwascrazyonce26

I think Jacque Cousteau's horse is my favorite. I wonder what exactly is going on there? And how exactly did they get the horse dressed in that suit? That would have been something to see.

Thanks for stopping by!

Did you have a favorite photo this week?


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