Thursday, October 29, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: My First Vlog and Tough Kittens

Happy Friday!

Instead of writing the update, I decided to make a video! If you want an update on the book cover voting, push play.

Here's the new photos!

Just because of Halloween. Plus, iit's freaky.
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How'd that happen?

Me, last night.
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Well, that makes you wonder...
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Who knows, he might be a philanthrofish. Sorry. I'm tired.
If you're looking for a movie to see over the Halloween weekend, I highly recommend Crimson Peak. It's more creepy than scary, and very psychological. Tom Hiddleston was amazing, as usual, but his emotional range in this movie was absolutely outstanding. Even my husband said so! He should get an Oscar for this movie, and everyone should not worry about I Saw the Light. Jessica Chastain was amazing, as well, and the grandeur of the movie sucks you in. Definitely worth the price of a ticket, in my estimation.

I really like the Karma one, but also the shellfish pun, so I think they've tied for me.

Which is your favorite? Do you have any Halloween plans?



  1. So many good ones this time, but I think the sound wave made me laugh the most.

  2. Aw, you're so cute! I love little vlog posts. Hooray for your job too. I hope it's a lovely place to work and you have a bunch of new and friendly coworkers. Chloe's plans for Halloween = PARTY! It's actually already started with Fright Night at the Pacific National Exhibition last night. Mine = turn lights on, answer door till a reasonable time...usually 8pm ish, hand out four or five 100 piece boxes of candy, turn light off, go to bed, comfort freaked out cats. Robert's = "What's Halloween?" (He's back in England and Halloween's not really a thing there...and besides, he has our new terror of a kitten) Which brings me to Karma Cat. Yup, I'm with you this week. :D Hope your week is shiny and bright and full of the best karma.

  3. So cool to hear your voice! There's so many people out there I've never met and it's neat to hear how they sound in person.

    My fave is the cat trapped in the bird cage. That made me LOL.

    Just taking kids trick or treating tomorrow. The older one will probably end up ditching us moms and sisters. The girls tend to be a little slower, and a little gabbier. :)

    Happy Halloween!

  4. You are so cute on the vlog!! I'm looking forward to seeing the covers and voting. My fave pics this week are the kitten (which I may post with extra words - call it artistic license!), the cat in the birdcage and the shellfish. Since I'm a sucker for puns (and love the top hat on a crab!) I'm voting for shellfish. :)

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