Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Merry Christmas To All (e)Book A Day Traveling Blogathon (of Doom!)

Today is the day! It's my turn to host The Merry Christmas To All (e)Book A Day Traveling Blog-O-Thon (of Doom!) or The Blog-O-Thon (of Doom!), as I've come to call it.  The Blog-O-Thon actually started on November 23rd and will continue every weekday until December 24th.

Participating bloggers picked a day or day(s) and will post "something to do with the holidays," as well as give away one (e)book to a randomly-chosen commenter on their post.  

You may be wondering how I can do this, considering I do not yet have a book to give away. Quite easily, the Blog-O-Thon's creator, Briane Pagel, offered to let me give away his new book, Up So Down.  Since I really wanted to participate in a Blog-O-Thon (of Doom!), I jumped at the chance.

I'll have a special surprise for my next Blog-O-Thon (of Doom!) post on December 18th. I'll be sharing the cover for my own novel, Finding Meara, whose tentative release date is in February.  I'll also be giving away another copy of Briane's book, Up So Down.

Random Memories of The Holidays

When I think of Christmas, three separate memories pop into my mind.

My Eeyore today. He's almost 39 yrs old!
The first is one of my earliest memories. When I was two and a half Santa brought my sister a large stuffed Pooh-bear and me an Eeyore. I actually remember finding them under the tree. Eeyore was my best night-time buddy until well into adulthood.  At first he kept me safe from aliens and things that go bump in the night, and then I just couldn't go to sleep without him in my arms. Some people need music, I needed Eeyore. I'm okay with that!

The second is the year I was twelve years old.  My sister and I always used to get a doll.  That was our tradition and when I was twelve, even though I really didn't want a doll, I didn't want to admit I'd grown up that much.  I wasn't ready.  So, I put a doll at the top of my list, and it was the last year I received a doll from "Santa."

The last memory is Christmas not so long ago. About seven years ago, as a matter of fact.  My firstborn's due date was the first week of January but I began labor Christmas afternoon. My husband and I played Lord of the Rings on the Playstation and waited for things to pick up.  Our little guy took his time and was finally born two days later - on my father's birthday!

My question for you? 
What is one of your favorite Christmas memories?

Leave a comment for the chance to win Briane Pagel's newest release, Up So Down.

When "Bumpy" takes his sister's fiance out for a night on the town, a mysterious drowning crashes through their lives like a wrecking ball into an already-crumbling wall. Sarah mourns her lost lover by halfheartedly joining a group dedicated to proving there is a serial killer on the loose and jealously guarding her dying mother, while "Bumpy" moves to Las Vegas to take up a new career, only to accidentally stumble into his old one.

Through the course of a year that unfolds haphazardly and out-of-sequence, Bumpy and Sarah try to figure out how much of the past they ought to hold on to, and how much of the future is worth looking into.

Also, you can find more great giveaways by visiting the athors below on the days listed.  Have fun!

11/30: PT Dilloway, on his blog "Tales Of The Scarlet Knight,  Author of "A Hero's Journey."

12/1: Vanna Smythe, on her blog, author of "Protector: Anniversary of the Veil, Book One." 

12/3: Cindy Borgne, on her blog "Dreamer's Perch," author of "Vallar"

12/4:  Michael Offutt, on his blog SLC Kismet, author of the trilogy "A Crisis of Two Worlds"

12/5: Tony Laplume on his blog Scouring Monk, author of Monorama.

12/6: Briane Pagel at his blog Thinking the Lions

12/7:  PT Dilloway, on his blog "Tales Of The Scarlet Knight,  Author of "A Hero's Journey."

12/10: Andrew Leon, on his blog Strange Pegs, (theauthor of The House On the Corner and Shadow Spinner.

12/11:  Briane Pagel at his blog Thinking the Lions

12/12: Tony Laplume on his blog Scouring Monk, author of Monorama.

12/13:  Briane Pagel at his blog Thinking the Lions

12/14: PT Dilloway, on his blog "Tales Of The Scarlet Knight,  Author of "A Hero's Journey."

12/17: Andrew Leon, on Strange Pegs, (the author of The House On the Corner and Shadow Spinner.

12/18: Lara Schiffbauer, on her blog Motivation for Creation.

12/19:  Tony Laplume on his blog Scouring Monk, author of Monorama.

12/20:  Briane Pagel at his blog Thinking the Lions
12/21: PT Dilloway, on his blog "Tales Of The Scarlet Knight,  Author of "A Hero's Journey."

12/22: Vanna Smythe, on her blog, author of "Protector: Anniversary of the Veil, Book One." 

12/24: Brian Pagel at his blog Thinking the Lions


  1. I love the image of you playing "Lord Of The Rings" while in labor on Christmas. That and your post made me imagine a story: "Eeyore vs. The Aliens." I think it'll be a hit.

    My favorite Christmas memory, ever, is the time we got Middle Daughter a cat, Scruffy. We bought the cat and had a friend keep it for a month before Christmas, and then on Christmas Eve after the kids went to bed, I drove out to get the cat and brought it back. We had a box for the cat to sleep in but it didn't want to sleep, so I stayed up all night to keep it in the living room.

    Ah, memories!

    1. You are a truly dedicated Dad! And I love the idea of Eeyore vs. the Aliens!

  2. I already have Pagel's book. I have a lifetime subscription to all his stories.

  3. "Thanks for noticing me..."
    He's great! Have you seen my tail?

    I have the book already, too. If no one shows up that doesn't have it, let's find someone to give it to.

    1. I pulled my Eeyore's tail off within the first month, because he wasn't supposed to have a tail. I remember finding it later on in life and putting it back on, but then it got lost for real!

  4. Wow, that's a long labor!!

    Hmmm, I think one of my favorite Christmases was when my little boy was about four and he got a train set from Santa. He RAN to that thing and hasn't given up loving trains since. He's almost sixteen now. :)

    1. It was about 48 hours, but it wasn't hard labor. When things finally got moving I went to the hospital at 6:20 and he was born at 10:30. My second beat that record, even.

      Boys and trains are perfect for Christmas. Does yours do model trains? They have a model train exhibit here around Christmas time and it's so much fun to go and see.

  5. Oh I always loved Eeyore!

    I agree - very long labor! What an exciting Christmas!

    1. It was a fun Christmas! I thought for sure he'd be born on the 26th. :)

  6. Love Eeyore. Fond memories of Christmas ... the cowgirl outfit with boots (Mom let me wear it to bed), the pink bike with tassles, grabbing the discarded Christmas tree from the elementary school up the road so we would have a tree, Mom dropped the whole pan of baked chicken on the floor (and we ate it anyway) many fond memories. And now I get to share Christmas with two grandsons and it's even better.

    1. Those do sound like happy memories. Your grandchildren are super-cute and look like they provide you with lots of fun!

  7. I love your Eeyore ... And, even more, that you still have him! Favorite Christmas memory ... The day I got my roll top
    desk, which really unleashed the inner geek in me! I'm guessing that was about 4th grade!


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