Thursday, October 13, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Belugas with 'Tude

Happy Friday!

Below is a beluga with attitude. A bad one. Maybe  it's hangry. I don't know, but I think it's good it can't get to those little kids.

Did you know beluga whales can be that aggressive? They always have seemed to be serene, until now. Won't be looking at belugas the same way again.

Let's see some new photos. It's definitely an eclectic mix this week!

My kids know I'm the one with compassion for their nightmares, so guess who always gets woken up in the middle on the night. Scares the bejeebers out of me each time, too.

So...there's cereal down aisle sixteen?

The carrot would win. I'm not that cool.

There is a problem here.

It's a shame to use such a nicely painted can!

Could have fooled me.

A pun, which I may have used before, but is funny enough for a repeat.

This is such a weird group of photos. No animals except the mean beluga and a human. My fears of using something illegally is really making it tough to find funny pictures. 

I guess I'll pic kIron Can as my favorite. I continue to be fascinated by the bully beluga, too.

What's your favorite? Anyone have any writing news to share?

I apologize this is such a brief post, but for some reason I am so exhausted and ready for bed.
Have a great evening/Friday/weekend!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Elephants Win Again

Yay! It's Friday!

Have you had a great few weeks? My good news is that I've finished chapter two of Through the Fairy Ring. Woo hoo! At this rate I'll be finishing the book in another four years... We'll have to see.

Last week's favorite was the lovey elephants:

On to the new photos:


So, the elephants have it for me again! That little trunk behind the mommy elephant totally cracks me up!

What is your favorite?
What have you been up to?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Hugging Elephants

Happy Friday!

How has your last two weeks been? Is everyone writing? Or reading? Or both?

I've been writing and reading. My book is Love Lies Bleeding by Susan Wittig Albright and my writing is that damn chapter two of Through the Fairy Ring. I finally decided "F**k it" and started writing crap in my very cute, black and gold owl notebook right before I turn out the lights to go to bed. Like, literally, the worst writing of my life. But, I'm almost done with the chapter and now have something to work with, so I'm going to keep doing it. A plus, there are some nice, salvageable sentences and paragraphs. I may even write all of the Age of Stars this way.

It occurred to me, too, that Adam Lambert bears a resemblance to Drostan, my pixie character. Especially in his heavy eyeliner days. Funny.

Well, on to pics! Almost overwhelmingly, the favorite from two weeks ago was:

Thank you Suzi, Cindy, Sarah, Lexa, and Mike for your input. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and hopefully this collection will tickle your funny bone, too!

Look at its little smile!

Is that the Gatekeeper or the Key Master from Ghost Busters? (1980's version.)
Caption by ganwil

No more...No less.

Caption by chianty

Well, you know, there's nothing wrong with enjoying your work.

Caption by kenbaker


And then, just because...

Okay, my favorite is the elephants. It hits me in the feels.

What's your favorite?


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