Friday, September 26, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: Dogs Rule the Day

Happy Friday to You, 
Happy Friday to You, 
Happy Friday Dear You-ouu, 
Happy Friday to You!

You have officially been serenaded today.

I'm embarrassed to admit I'm still not to 60,000 words, but I've been writing! I've included an excerpt below as proof. Keep in mind it's only first draft, so it'll be better after some more work. I'm starting to really like Edlark, and I feel like I'm cheating on Arden. I guess I would hashtag that as #writerproblems. 

Edlark brushed a feathery kiss across my lips.
“How was that?” he asked.
I opened my eyes. “Not so bad.”
He laughed. “You don’t help my ego, Hazel.”
 “I’m sorry.”
“No need. One more?”
“An audience wouldn't find the first very convincing.”
“Because I didn’t swoon?”
“I wasn’t trying to make you swoon. If I wanted you to swoon, you’d swoon.”
My eyebrow arched. “I think your ego is fine.”
“I’m just saying that I know what I’m good at, and I’m a good kisser. Fairy magic, you know.”
I tilted my head. “Seriously? You have to use magic to make girls swoon.”
“I don’t have to, it just makes the already pleasurable experience of kissing me even more enjoyable.”
He did think highly of himself, didn’t he? “How?”
“Let me show you.”
I remembered the stories I’d heard of Fairies seducing humans. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
“You’re afraid?”
“No!” Okay, yes I was. But I wasn’t going to let him know it.
“Then let me show you.”
“Are you daring me?”
“Yes.” He stared deep into my eyes. “It shouldn’t be that big a deal, unless you’re engaged in a relationship with someone else.”
The challenge in his voice was unmistakable, daring me to confess my feelings for Arden.
“Fine.” I shook my hair back, and raised my chin. “Make me swoon.”

Thank you, everyone, who commented last week! We have a winner for funniest of the week, and that photo is:

Here's some new photos:

Could be in the pun section, too.

Totally like my children.

I like turkey bacon, but it definitely doesn't taste anything like bacon.

It's a multi-creature, universal expression.

Still an awesome costume, though.

Punctuation. Get some.

Pun time!

Isn't that sad looking?

I hope everyone has a great weekend. My mom has come to celebrate my birthday with me this weekend, so I anticipate a happy weekend here! I'm going to be working for productive, too.

My favorite was the Cheeto dog, and Boy 1's favorite was the love/hate dog and cat (imagine that.)
Which is your favorite?

Are you ready for the weekend?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: What Is Artificial Light Made Of?

I haven't been so glad for Friday in quite a while. This has been a long, exhausting, strange week.

We almost didn't have Funny Friday Photos, either. For the second month we've run out of our data minutes on our internet plan. My husband saved the day, and bought one more gigabyte, to get us through. He read the desperation in my eyes. They said, "But...I've got to post funny photos!" Actually, I said it out loud. With my mouth. No reading of body language needed.

I had hoped to get to 60,000 words by this weekend, but no, it didn't happen. I did write, though, and I'm closer to 60,000 words. Maybe by Sunday night... I am excited I'm up to 57,000+ words. I'm starting to feel like I can do this second book thing. It's been a struggle.

But you're here for the photos! Let's get to it!

Only three people commented last week, and each picked a different photo, so we don't have a funniest this time.

This week's photos:

Why do otters have such soft, cuddly faces? They look like the friendliest animals.

It probably shouldn't, but it does remind me of Salvador Dali.

It does kind of look like General Ackbar.

Don't we all feel that way at one time or another?

For those who may not understand, earlier this year Colorado legalized Marijuana.

Several puns:

I bet he had the best laugh.

Cereal bowl.

And if you want to try a new trick...

I hope there is at least one funny one for you. I am so tired, I can't tell for sure what's funny.

My favorite is the owl, followed  by the Einstein pun.

Did you have a favorite? 
Do you have fun planned for the weekend?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: The Lifecycle of a Wookie and a Little Music

Yay! It's Friday!

Being gone all last weekend was like not having a break at all, so I'm very ready for the next few days! I haven't had a chance to write on book two all week, so I'm hoping to make up for it this weekend.

I've begun doing my Mindfulness groups at school and the classes from last year still ask me to see the cookie monster/Tom Hiddleston video. On their own. For the first time a Kindergarten girl recognized "Loki" before any of the other students. Usually it's the boys. My heart swelled with nerd-girl pride.

I realized this week how my knowledge of Marvel movies has frequently helped me out when I'm needing to establish a connection with tough kids, or when I need to make a reference most students would understand. It's our common language!

Of course, I use the Croods to explain the parts of the brain, so maybe it's just kid movies in general.

Last week's funniest photo was:

Here's some new ones! I hope you like them!


I read that last "anything" in a creepy, Mabel from Gravity Falls whisper.

It's just sad.

The likeness is uncanny.

The life-cycle of a Wookie.

My expression when cake is offered.


I've been on a Neil Diamond listening binge for about a month, so I couldn't resist the pun. Below is a video of a 1971 concert at the BBC. The first song is Sweet Caroline, which is where the pun comes from. At 7 min. 51 sec. is one of my all time favorite songs, Cracklin' Rosie.

And because I just love it, here is the song "Forever in Bluejeans." His voice at the chorus is sensual - not only can you hear it, but the timbre is so low you can feel it. At least I can... Am I sounding totally weird now? Sorry... I'll shut up. 

I blame my mother for my Neil Diamond obsession. She loved him, and so I grew up listening to his music. I remember being seven-ish years old and stealing her cassette tapes of him (and Pink Floyd and the Moody Blues - my father's influence) so I could listen to them in my room. Neil Diamond is one of the greats, as far as I'm concerned.

My favorite photo is the overly-friendly cat. I don't know where its ears went. I didn't know cats could lay their ears that flat when they weren't mad.

Which is your favorite photo?
What music did you grow up listening to?


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