Thursday, September 15, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Hugging Elephants

Happy Friday!

How has your last two weeks been? Is everyone writing? Or reading? Or both?

I've been writing and reading. My book is Love Lies Bleeding by Susan Wittig Albright and my writing is that damn chapter two of Through the Fairy Ring. I finally decided "F**k it" and started writing crap in my very cute, black and gold owl notebook right before I turn out the lights to go to bed. Like, literally, the worst writing of my life. But, I'm almost done with the chapter and now have something to work with, so I'm going to keep doing it. A plus, there are some nice, salvageable sentences and paragraphs. I may even write all of the Age of Stars this way.

It occurred to me, too, that Adam Lambert bears a resemblance to Drostan, my pixie character. Especially in his heavy eyeliner days. Funny.

Well, on to pics! Almost overwhelmingly, the favorite from two weeks ago was:

Thank you Suzi, Cindy, Sarah, Lexa, and Mike for your input. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and hopefully this collection will tickle your funny bone, too!

Look at its little smile!

Is that the Gatekeeper or the Key Master from Ghost Busters? (1980's version.)
Caption by ganwil

No more...No less.

Caption by chianty

Well, you know, there's nothing wrong with enjoying your work.

Caption by kenbaker


And then, just because...

Okay, my favorite is the elephants. It hits me in the feels.

What's your favorite?

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Sassy Pants

Happy Friday!

The last two weeks went by really fast! I didn't mean to skip last week's post. It just kind of happened, because there always seems to be something to do on Thursday nights. Heck, there's always something to do EVERY night!

I've decided I really hate chapter two of Through the Fairy Ring and I need to figure out something different to go there. Every time I try to write it I just get a heavy feeling in my chest and I can't do it. I've been fighting to keep going for a long time now because I need to have a chapter two but I've decided to listen to my instincts and ditch it. I'm already more excited about coming up with a new idea than I ever was about the chapter. I'm thinking about getting Edlark and Hazel into a scene together. That would be way more fun than what's  currently going on.

I'm really liking Adam Lambert right now. His voice is absolutely amazing. Okay, so he's cute, too, but mostly I'm enthralled with his voice. My sister would have loved him. Anyway, I'm listening to his album The Original High almost constantly. I've always liked his songs, but something about Another Lonely Night moved my interest level up. It might be a good song to add to my Through the Fairy Ring playlist. It kind of sums up Hazel's state of mind at the beginning of the book. Have you heard it? Here's a link if you want to see it. Click here!

Shall we move on to new photos? There's some cute ones this week! Last week was a fifty/fifty tie, so I didn't post the winners here.

Caption by Reika15

Extra points for including a pun!
Caption by Greencliff

Too true to be too funny...
Via Dump a Day

Via Pinterest

This is just animal abuse!


We all have our demons, right?
Via Pinterest
I don't know which is my favorite! I really like sassy pants, but Miss Frizzle's bus makes me laugh!

Which is your favorite?
Did you have a nice last two weeks?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Clear Skin

Yay for Friday!

It's been quite a week here. Between my mom's health, getting my kids ready for and back to school, and work stresses, there has been very little time for anything else. Hopefully it's all smoothing out now, though. My mom is doing better, my kids made it through their first two days of school and we'll just get through the work stuff one office day at a time.

David is finally in the majority. Peanut Gallery got two of the three votes from two weeks ago, and is our winner. Congratulations, David!

So, let's see what I can find for this week!

Caption by xyzpdq1

I'm sorry?

That's pretty specific criteria for toilet usage.
And time for the pun:

Caption by cyborgcowboy69
Okay! My favorite is the last pun. It makes me laugh!

What's your favorite photo?
Did you have a nice two weeks?


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