Thursday, July 07, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Bouncy Cephalopods

Now I can say...Happy Friday!!

Nothing like a cephalopod bouncing through the ocean to make the day a little better. Is it just me or is the world feeling a little Seventh Sign-y?

I hope everyone is doing well today. I'm looking forward to the weekend. I started writing again this week, and have a desire to continue, so that makes me happy. I've starting doing home visits at work, and I enjoy them. When I've spent the day in the company of people in their 90's, my mother looks incredibly young when I go pick up my children. It's so weird!

Thank you, Suzi, for commenting last week! I hope you had a great 4th of July as well. We went hiking in northern Nebraska, and ended up with an ungodly amount of ticks on our shoes. Boy 1 wore long pants and ended up winning the "Most Ticks on Any One Person's Body award." I've never seen so many ticks in one place before. Fortunately we were able to rid ourselves of all of them and nobody ended up with any ticks attached.

Are you ready for the new photos? Well, here you go!

He does not look like a happy lion.
Caption by heylookasquirrel

A little grim, there.

All things considered, doing a pretty good job.

For some reason he looks a little sad...


My favorite photo is the bouncy cephalopod. I'm calling it a cephalopod because I can't tell if it is an octopus or a squid. In any case, it's adorable.

Which is your favorite? How did your week go?

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: LOL Lizards

Happy Friday!

How have your last two weeks been? All is good here! I'm learning my new job, playing with my kids, and even have started to organize writing stuff. One thing I've learned--if you take too much time between writing periods, it's almost like starting all over again when you finally return to it.

Something I realized is that some of the changes I've made to create continuity in the plot line in Through the Fairy Ring has decreased some of the angst and initial tension between Arden and Hazel.  I've been feeling kind of blah about it. But, on the other hand, starting the story off with them being friendly may really make the later conflict explode. Hmmm.

Last (two weeks ago)'s winner was:

All right, here's this week's photos.

Caption by frogwolfe

I have this book! It's so cute!

It took me a moment to see it, but it's kinda cute!

WTF! Go shopping and be killed by maniacal child mannequins?  NOPE!

Very true to the concept.
I'm going to come clean. There were two weeks between posts because I totally forgot it was Thursday and I was supposed to find photos until Friday morning. I guess my first week at work messed me up. It was a good week, though. I think I'm going to like my new job. So far it's been fun talking with the older people. And so incredibly quiet! After 12ish years working in schools, I can't believe how quiet a room can be. Anyway, from now on I'm going to try to keep my days straight, so expect another post next week!

I have a tie this week. My favorite is the lizard bringing toast to his girl, and the blue footed birdies.

What's your favorite?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Shortest Escalator Ever

Happy Friday!!

Oh my gosh, I'm so tired. I've spent the last two weeks trying to get all of the chores I had planned for the summer done before starting my job on Monday. And changing out the towel racks in the bathroom turned into a mini-renovation. Nothing too severe, but more work than I was planning!

I made a conscious choice to not write this week. I can write at night when I'm working. All the chores I've done/am doing need to be done before I'm not home anymore. The good news--to me at least--is that I've been listening to my Through the Fairy Ring soundtrack and am itchy to get into the Realm again. I do like the Realm--and I'm missing Arden and Hazel. I guess my motivation is circular and I should probably quit freaking out all the time about it.

No real winner for photos last week, but I loved everyone's comments. Thank you for being there and lifting me up when I'm being silly and feeling poorly.

Here's this week's offering!

From ican.hascheeseburger; caption by BOZEMAN54



From ican.hascheeseburger; caption by Chris10a



From Pinterest
My favorite is the church sign. It's just so clever. What's your favorite?

Have a wonderful weekend!


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