Thursday, December 03, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: Surprised Turtles

Happy Friday, all!

It has been one busy week. I wore a pedometer to work, and easily reached 10,000 steps by 3:00pm every day. Which is good, actually. I'd rather be moving than sitting still. I'm hoping that squatting to shelve books on the bottom shelf and carrying stacks of books around the library counts for muscle building exercises, because I really don't want to exercise anymore when I get home. 

I've been making steady progress on editing this week. Some of the problems that I worried about had surprisingly easy fixes. I think they're good fixes, too, but my perspective is shot to heck anymore. I guess I have to wait for beta reading to find out if they really are good or not.

Are you ready for some new photos?

Here we go!

No caption needed. Their faces are funny enough.

So which is it? Just oil or more than just oil?

Anyone else worried by this sign?

Yet another symptom of aging. :P
Caption by Chris10a

What I always think when I hear the term "crabgrass."
Caption by JimPrice

Another caption by JimPrice. 

The sad thing is it usually works.

Cereal bowl! (have I used this before?)
I love the scared turtle. It's like a cartoon come to life.

Which is your favorite?


  1. I like the facelift dog best. :)

    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. For some reason, none of them tickled my funnybone this week. Hope all is well with you, Lara.

  3. I'm glad to hear you're adapting well to your new job and that it's keeping you moving!

    I love the scared turtle - and the panties one scared me! My fav is the crabgrass. (Weird that your commenters always pick different ones, huh?)


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