Thursday, September 17, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: Sexy Pugs

Happy early Friday!

I actually finished the post early, so I decided to go ahead and publish it, instead of waiting for Friday.

This week I found my new musical obsession! This really is me:

Boy 1 started cello lessons last week, and Boy 2 started piano lessons this week. I searched for cello music in Spotify to try to show Boy 1 how beautiful the cello is and what it sounds like. I found all that and more in a cello group (are two people a group?) called 2CELLOS. Has anyone heard of them?

If you haven't, watch the video below, to the end. It was hard to choose a video to introduce them to you, because I like so many (Celloverse!). Several of the songs I put on my Adven/Realm playlist in Spotify, because they feel like the Realm to me. I shared the one below (Trooper Overture) because it clearly shows the connection of classical instruments with rock music, and that's how I see the connection between the Realm and Adven.

They play a cover of Michael Jackson's They Don't Care About Us, and the push and pull of the music matches the theme of Through the Fairy Ring, where Hazel is caught between Fairy and Pixie politics. The inspiration for the story came from the last presidential race, after all.

The last is Benedictus which reminds me of a specific scene in Through the Fairy Ring between Hazel and her children. So, I hope you enjoy the video. If you get lured away, be sure to come back and tell me what you think!

Last week's winner for funniest video was (overwhelmingly):

On to the new photos!

Just covering all bases.

That is truly animal cruelty!!

A scene from a bad horror film!

Just looking at it makes me uncomfortable.

She becomes middle-aged Barbie.


The sexy pug wins it for me. He reminds me of a student I had a few years ago. He wore polo shirts like that and he thought he was all that and more. The pug's smug expression matches his perfectly.

What's your favorite?
Did you like the 2CELLOS?


  1. WOW! I couldn't shut it off. Unbelievable...and besides how good they are, the stamina! I can't imagine how they can play like that for that long without their fingers just running out of strength.

    I pick Huffin, just because they are such interesting and beautiful birds.

    1. I was impressed on many levels. :)

      The puffin looks so determined. I loved it too.

  2. The 2CELLOS are pretty cool. I bet that crowd would've appreciated Thunderstruck. :) I like how their videos are so entertaining too. The setup and the setting.

    My only question is... Do they have to get a new bow for each song they play? It sure looks like they do. :)

    1. I do believe they do. I wonder how much bows cost?

      I hope you had an awesome week!

  3. I've watched 2cellos loads of times in the past. Amazing what the two of them can do, isn't it? I remember seeing Yo-Yo Ma in concert in Vancouver some few years ago and really falling in love with the cello. Actually, one of my friends has two daughters who both play the cellos and, when it came time for her to buy a new car, they took the cellos around to the show rooms because the criteria became how well the cellos would fit into the new car! I liked the huffin puffin too. PS, it is just me or is there something really disturbing about the hairless cats?

    1. Those are important considerations when you are a serious musician.

      My second son has been trying to get his hands on his brother's cello. I think next year I may have two cello players, myself. :)

  4. Back to normal - I disagree with everyone else. Sorry for SORRY.


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