Sunday, September 13, 2015

Esmay's Sacrifice: An Adven/Realm Tale

Here it is, the first story of the Adven/Realm short stories. Click on the image, and it should take you to Wattpad, where you can read the entire tale. Thanks again to Suzi Retzlaff for being the first, and thanks to Kathy Schwab and Liane McIlwaine for not letting her be the last by playing Build-A-Story with me as well.  Be on the lookout for the next Adven/Realm Tale very soon!



  1. What? I want to keep reading. Why did you end right there? *sigh*

    So I have one question. Since I don't know anything about the pixies. Is Armena a 'bad' person, or is she one of those characters who is doing something bad for some misguided reason. I'm just kinda curious. :)

  2. Was it not a real story? I'm wondering if I can only write novels...

    Amena is...well, I can't tell you! Don't hit me! It'll ruin Through the Fairy Ring if I tell you anything. :D


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