Thursday, September 03, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: Extreme Childproofing

Happy Friday!

Yes, this was me tonight. The top picture is when I was at my mother's house with the boys right after school. The second is from when we got home until bedtime. I have a headache. Homework is from the devil, designed to destroy a family's center and balance, I swear. And, while there are no excuses for my lack of patience, I am a human being, too. Yeesh.

Okay, so let's get down to business. Thank you to Joe, Veronica, David, LG, Cindy, Suzi and Lexa for commenting last week and being so supportive! You're the best!

I owe Suzi a little extra thanks, because she's willing to try out my crazy Build-A-Story idea. I'm hoping that, after I write her story, others will be willing to give it a try.

The way it works is a person chooses one from each category, and then I write a story around it. I wrote short stories (including the ones that were published) by picking random cards of a character type, a verb, and a setting, and it was really fun and challenging. I thought this might be a way to continue writing while I'm editing, and have some fun with everyone at the same time. I'll post here with the link when I put the stories up on Wattpad, if you want to see how they turn out.

If you'd like to play the game, comment your choices below and I'll start a list. I am hoping to do one a week, if they stay flash-fiction size. If the story grows beyond 1000 words, it might take a little longer. If no one else wants to play, then I'll just draw my own details, so there will still be stories written.

Rude library got the most mentions, so I'm naming it the winner for last week!

On to the new photos:

Today I actually had to double-check "pick" because it just didn't look right.
And notice, they mispelled easy. Do you think that was planned?

Maybe that's actually the opening to the American Wizard School like Hogwarts.

Because I'm so gullible I don't usually like pranks, but this really does seem funny.


My favorite is the goat with tennis balls on its head. Something about it just is funny.

Do you have a favorite?


  1. The bad spelling hound, because that is me.

    And you are SO right about the homework thing, especially in the early grades. I don';t know why they assign stuff that the kids need help on, homework used to be to reinforce what was taught, now it is part of the teaching process and parents beat from 10 hours at work are not very good teachers.

  2. The tennis ball one... yeah, made me chuckle. Some parents are way into over baby proofing. Precautions are good, but sometimes it goes too far. We can't protect them from everything. :)

    Pictures like that goat made me wonder why that happened. Did someone just say, let's put tennis balls on this goat just for fun? Or was there a reason? :)

  3. Oh boy oh boy, now that Chloe has graduated uni life without the freak outs that are homework overload induced is so much Now freak outs just happen over the Big Girl Job she's got going on. :D Love that last pun the most. R and I both laughed at that one, although he loves the air horn pun. (That's totally something he would do round here.)

  4. We all have our limits, Lara. I hope things will be better once school gets into a routine. My fave is the goat. (Although the dog get points because I DO forget how to spell things at times! lol)


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