Thursday, June 11, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: Medieval Mayhem

Happy Friday, one and all!

I missed my Mindfulness Monday post. I didn't realize until Tuesday that it was supposed to be this week. I even had a post idea, but I guess it'll keep until next time.

By the way, I will be (should be, fingers crossed all goes smoothly) closing on houses at the end of next week, and won't be able to write a post for next Friday. I am so excited that in a week I'll be done with the packing, can start the unpacking, and will be with my family again. It feels like I've been in the process of moving for forever.

Last week's favorite photo was 'Lil Kraken:

I have a correction from last week's post, thanks to David Walker, who correctly pointed out it was not a square root, but a cubed root, in the pun section. Math is not my strongest subject, although I love science.

Here are some new photos!

The moment the poor dog realizes it's been betrayed.

Here's some funny photos, Ye Olde Style:

I love a Spot the Difference Game on my Kindle that uses classical paintings.
This weird person is not unusual in classical paintings.
What is that about?

After the 600th proofread, and you STILL missed something.

Even saints get those feelings.

Channel your inner photon.
A pun or two?

Got this from Pinterest, maybe secondarily from Buzzfeed?
The classical paintings pictures are my favorites!

There are more classical painting pictures that were too racy for me to use here, but were really funny, so if you want to see them all, click on the link below. But leave a comment first picking your favorite first!

Have a great weekend!

Click here for the link.


  1. Oh I'm so Congratulations on the houses and yes, my fingers are still crossed. (One week can be an awfully long time!) You just had to add in that beautiful malamute and now it's just no contest; although I do love the paintings. :D Good luck with next two weeks and I'll miss the funnies next week. Big hugs. x

  2. Yeah, I love the classical painting LOL's too. And good luck on the move. Always a relief to be on the other side of all that work and stress.

  3. I'll have to vote for the 600th proofread since I've been there and done that so often.

  4. Yeah, I usually get into the hundreds for the times to proofread. :)

    Yay for almost closing time. Are you sad to be leaving?

  5. Sorry I'm soooo late. The hanging with my peeps one really made me laugh. (I must admit to loving those yummy things!)


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