Thursday, February 12, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: Bad Gnus

Happy Friday!

I got a little carried away with photos this week. Not only do I have more than my normal amount of funny photos, I also am answering a challenge by my friend Veronica Roth, who is an amazing artist. (I especially love the birds she draws on sheet music or old maps.) She invited me to participate in her Drawing Challenge, which has the theme of Aqua. Since I don't draw, but I have a great photo, she said I could use it instead.

A little before Christmas we had the unusual combination (for Wyoming) of moisture in the air and cold temperatures for a couple of days in a row. The ice that formed as a result made the world look like a Fairytale. Or Jotunheim. Anyway, I had recess duty the morning it started warming up. The ice was falling from the trees and glittering in the air, and the sky, in contrast with the ice, was an awesome, shocking blue. It was an absolutely fantastic morning, and those pictures were the first thing I thought of when Veronica announced her challenge of Aqua, because the sky that day matched the beach glass she used in her picture.

Much thanks to Veronica for inviting me to play! It's always fun to be cross-creative. Although I guess I wasn't that creative, but I still had fun.

Last weeks funniest photo was:

I hope you enjoy the new choices!

None of us are as cool as hipster dog.

Um, no. I don't think so.

One. It takes one cat to change a lightbulb.

I wonder if they have guidelines to determine which you have.

He looks so earnest. I'd hire him.

And the dog will be totally justified.

Only one pun today:

They were born to be wild. (Ha.)

I love the Murdering Smiley dog. It's so sad it's funny.

Which is your favorite?


  1. Pretty picture. (Yours, I mean) We usually get a couple days a year that frost or ice up the trees real pretty like that too. Or sometimes with the right snow the trees are coated. Finally got some snow a few days ago. The first time we'd had over 1" all winter. The kids need snow. They've barely been outside all winter long. It's kinda sad. But now it's here.

    I liked the cat changing the lightbulb,

    Happy Happy Friday!

    1. Hey! I loved that day with the trees. It's good your kids can get out for some fun. It's been so warm here, we have been wearing fall jackets. I'm afraid the lilacs and cottonwoods are going to bud and then we'll get our normal spring snowstorms and it'll kill the trees!

      I hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Several made me laugh today, but puns are always my favotires, so I loved the bad gnus.

    1. I loved the gnus, too. Thanks for stopping by, and happy birthday!

  3. Replies
    1. Doesn't it looked totally freaked out! I would be...

  4. Oh my gosh Lara, that's an amazingly beautiful photo. Stunning winter wonderland. How lucky you are over there in Wyoming to have a true winter. I drove thru Wyoming years ago, and was struck by the beautiful high plateau that the state is. Thank you so much for joining in. These little challenges are so much fun. Now let's see. I was pretty much laughing from the repeat of that unfortunate cat who got too close to Nephew's scissors, but I must admit that I love that poor dog in the box. What was he thinking?

    PS. I wish someone would explain the difference between trash and garbage to
    Biggest hugs sweetie; hope you have a lovely weekend. See you on Monday.

    1. Thanks, Veronica! There are times I am awestruck by the beauty of Wyoming, and other times I get really frustrated with it. Like when the wind blows, which is 75% of the time! Ah, well. I suppose that's how everyone feels about where they live. And at least we don't have a lot of standing air pollution. It just blows over to Nebraska!

  5. i love it when crystals fall through the air glimmering in the sunlight!
    such a beautiful photo.

  6. I love frost, beautiful! Each piece of ice a miniature masterpiece in itself! :-)

  7. I cast my vote for hokey pokey kitty, because hokey pokey :)

    1. Hi, Mike! Hokey pokey kitty was truly cute. It's one of those pictures where I wonder what was going on with it, though. :)

  8. Sorry I'm so late!! I blame actually getting some chapters finished in the last week.

    I'm voting for the poor dog stuck in the box. But the cat with the light bulb and the one doing the hokey-pokey were a close second. Great pics this week, Lara! :)

    1. Yay for getting more chapters done! You are on a roll!

      Thanks for visiting, whenever you do! It's always nice to "see" you! :)

  9. I am voting for the mailman catching Huskie, proud of his resume! Your photo of the ice tree was beautiful. I miss winter here in Southern Louisiana! :-(


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