Thursday, September 18, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: What Is Artificial Light Made Of?

I haven't been so glad for Friday in quite a while. This has been a long, exhausting, strange week.

We almost didn't have Funny Friday Photos, either. For the second month we've run out of our data minutes on our internet plan. My husband saved the day, and bought one more gigabyte, to get us through. He read the desperation in my eyes. They said, "But...I've got to post funny photos!" Actually, I said it out loud. With my mouth. No reading of body language needed.

I had hoped to get to 60,000 words by this weekend, but no, it didn't happen. I did write, though, and I'm closer to 60,000 words. Maybe by Sunday night... I am excited I'm up to 57,000+ words. I'm starting to feel like I can do this second book thing. It's been a struggle.

But you're here for the photos! Let's get to it!

Only three people commented last week, and each picked a different photo, so we don't have a funniest this time.

This week's photos:

Why do otters have such soft, cuddly faces? They look like the friendliest animals.

It probably shouldn't, but it does remind me of Salvador Dali.

It does kind of look like General Ackbar.

Don't we all feel that way at one time or another?

For those who may not understand, earlier this year Colorado legalized Marijuana.

Several puns:

I bet he had the best laugh.

Cereal bowl.

And if you want to try a new trick...

I hope there is at least one funny one for you. I am so tired, I can't tell for sure what's funny.

My favorite is the owl, followed  by the Einstein pun.

Did you have a favorite? 
Do you have fun planned for the weekend?


  1. I was sure the otter would be my favorite until I saw Einstein. He won the day for me.

  2. Boy, you are so close to 60K. I bet you'll get there this weekend. And it won't take long.

    I like the how to float picture. It looks real. So easy too. :)

  3. I love the face of that owl! Sadly, I wouldn't have gotten the joke if you haven't explained it. My vote is the coonvention. They're so cute!

    Sorry you're still having download problems. I've been behind on my writing too, even though I'm working on it every day. I just can't accomplish as much as I try to...

  4. Thank you everyone for the comments! My internet is super-slow again (apparently it doesn't take much to spend one gigabyte of data) and so I need to economize this week.

    Joe: Thanks for voting!

    David: The Einstein pun is so cute. I love his smile.

    Suzi: Still didn't make 60,000 but I'm awfully close. And I've been making headway all week. I'm kind of proud that I've been writing regularly, even if it isn't gobs of words. :)

    Sarah: I know!! He's got an infectious smile. There's such joy in his face.

    Lexa: You and I can form the slow writers club, membership of two. :) I totally understand not accomplishing as much as you try.


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