Friday, September 05, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: How to Know If You're Speeding

Happy Friday!
I feel like this you?

I get to leave work early today, so I'm even more excited about the weekend than usual. 

It occurred to me that I never asked if anyone watched the new Doctor Who episodes? I really like Peter Capaldi's Doctor. I've been a little disappointed with the plot-type things but, there's lots of development to be had between now and the end of the season, so I'll withhold my final judgments until then.

Earlier this week I took a "Who or what would you be in the Whoniverse" quiz, and I got an Ood!! Yay for the Ood love! Maybe that's why I like them so much. I wish someone would write another Ood episode.

Last week's funniest photo was:

And here's the new ones!

I've had the same experience more than once with the GPS app on my phone.

I had to look twice to understand how it was funny.

For the less picky vegetable eater.

I can relate - I'm 5'4" and my husband is 6'4". If counter tops are high enough for him, they hit me at my waist. And I'm always running to keep up if he walks quickly. I feel like a five year old!

Puns, anyone?

There are several wind farms around my town, and I love driving near them. The fans are awesome!

You know you've thought it!

How many toes does the kitty have?

I anticipate learning a ton at the writer's conference this weekend. There are so many excellent workshops to go to, it's hard to choose. Although my children won't like it, I'm taking my laptop with me in hopes of getting some writing done, too. 

My favorite was the speeding dog.
Did you like any one photo more than the others?
Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend?


  1. I like the dog stuck in the seat. :)

    I'm not tall, but not short either. 5' 6". (okay, 5' 5 1/2", but I just add that extra half inch to make it easier. :)

    Our house was brand new when we moved in 10 years ago, but we did not build it. The counters in the bathrooms are higher than the standard height of most bathrooms.

    But the funny thing is whenever I go to another house where they're the more standard height, it always feels weird, like I'm leaning down low to reach them. I like the higher ones now. I wonder if they're building them more that way or if it was just something our builder was doing back then.

    Have a great time at the conference. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

    1. Thank you, Suzi! The conference was incredibly educational, and I'll be writing a blog post, but not tonight, because I am so exhausted. Now I need to go to a conference where I can finally meet you!

      It is funny, isn't it, how we acclimate to different things. In regards to the counters, I mean. ;)

  2. Has to be the dog in the seat.

  3. Dog in the seat, but that kid with the tie is a very close 2nd. :D

    1. The little boy just looks so proud! Because it was close to where it should be, it didn't register at first that it was hooked on his pocket. That's why I had to look twice. He was so close...!

  4. Ha! I've seen the beagle in the car seat before. Always cracks me up. I like the guinea pig too.

    And have fun at the RMFW conference! I could not go, in the end. No money, no car. But I will be thinking of you while you're there. Hope you report back on all the great workshops!

    1. I wonder why I've never seen the beagle in the seat before. It was totally new to me. :)

  5. Oh, Robert had a wince at that sign last week. LOL. Some friends of ours, both over 6ft tall, renovated their kitchen and raised their counters to a comfortable to them height. Now I'm 5'9" but even at that height I find the counters uncomfortable to work on, so I can see what you mean. Gosh, now that R and I have seen two of the new Dr episodes, we're so not fans. Everything is bugging us from the intro music we can't whistle to any more to Clara's gratuitous busty fantasy costumes, and, BBC pushing lesbian kissing at children's hour...actually BBC pushing any overly sexualised content at children's hour, bugs us like crazy. (cause you don't know England and the teen/tween overly-sexualised epidemic like we do) Jury still out on Capaldi. The problem is that we've only known him as nasty characters so far, so are waiting for him to be smart/funny/personable. (sigh)

    1. There is a woman whose children attend my boys' school who I swear is 6'6" tall. I know she's taller than my husband. I don't feel small next to her - just extremely short. Like I'm about two feet tall. Strangely I didn't feel that way with a man who was over 7 feet tall who attended the church I went to many years ago. Maybe I'm sexist?

      I am hoping Doctor Who will get better. I didn't see this week's episode because of the conference. I'm hoping they'll develop the softer side of the Doctor. I understand bringing out the "alien" but that brutal irascibility is actually kind of distracting to me. But, I felt we saw a little of that softer side in the premiere, so hopefully... And Clara is definitely one of the parts I'm disappointed in. I wish they hadn't brought in a man for her to flirt with so quickly. I'm kind of tired of all the flirting. That's what I liked about Donna Noble - they were "just mates."

      The kiss was definitely a surprise. One boy wasn't watching and the other didn't say anything, so I'm hoping it kind of went over his head. We talk about how sometimes boys like boys and girls like girls, but we haven't done any talking about sex of any kind. I don't know when that talk will happen, but I'm sure it'll be a doozy!

      Are the teens/tweens in England more overly sexualized than here in America?


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