Thursday, May 15, 2014

Funny Friday Photos

Happy Friday to everyone!

Has anyone felt like this?

It seems like the older I get, the less I know about how my life is supposed to be.

I attended a mindfulness workshop on Wednesday, and it was phenomenal. First, it clarified what I can do next year at school to continue mindfulness training with the students. But, I also gained some insight into my own mindfulness journey this past school year, both about the day job and in regards to writing and publishing books.  I've been trying to decide if I should write a post about the connections with writing. I've also been thinking about maybe sharing what I've been learning about mindfulness here. I could have Funny Friday Photos and Mindfulness Mondays.

That was actually on Monday, when we had a snow day because of the weather. I think we received 8-10 inches of snow. Of course, the wind was blowing, so the drifts were easily three to four feet.

Last week's funniest photo is:

Are you ready for this week's photos? Here they are!

Eeek! For the more recent readers, I have a phobia about aliens, especially the Grays. And do you see how it's paw looks like a hand clutching the chair?

And the pun of the week:

I hope you like this week's choices. I'm sorry I wasn't able to think of things to say below the pictures. I'm a little brain dead tonight. 

My favorite is the arousing cat. It's expression is perfect for the caption. Although the expensive little girl makes me laugh, too. I guess I'll say it's a tie.

Which is your favorite?


  1. Okay. Great way to start Friday. My comment didn't post. :(

    That cat one made me laugh too.

    Are you as annoyed with spring as we are? It's been in the 40s instead of the 60s--like it's supposed to be. Little sun. All week we've had frost warnings. But at least we didn't get snow, I suppose. :)

    So what's a mindfulness workshop? What do you learn?

    1. I hate when that happens! It's so frustrating!

      Spring has been one of extremes. Very cold and then spikes of warmness. We've had a lot of cloudiness, and then, of course, the snow! It seems like the last couple of years we don't properly warm up until June, and sometimes even until July. It's like the seasons have slid some. This winter was pretty mild, though. I've just given up on knowing how to dress.

      I started to answer about mindfulness and it got so long that I decided I should just write up a quick post! I hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Laser cat! That started me laughing. And now I want an owl coffee...but I don't drink coffee... :)

    1. I really had to look at that coffee. It's so real looking, I wondered if a picture was photoshopped in or something!

  3. I always enjoy the puns, and the "spring" around the corner gave me a laugh. I have to say if I found my coffee staring at me with those eyes - I'd give up drinking it. That's SCARY!!!

    Like you, my vote is for arousing cat. That's hysterical!! :)

  4. Spring around the corner and two feet of snow.


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