Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cover Reveal: Ryder's Last Run by Rose Dewallvin and Bonnie Hardman

Today I get to share the cover for Ryder's Last run, the second book of the Dueling Dragons MC Series with you. I met Rose Dewallvin this summer through the Sizzling Summer Giveaway and I'm happy to support her and Bonnie Hardman on this exciting day.

Ryder thought this last run was going to be simple, but little did he know that what was about to happen would not only test him but test the whole Dueling Dragons MC.

Follow along with the MC and Ryder as they pinned brother against brother, leader against leader and lastly lover against lover. Will Ryder find his way out of this to get back to Faith? Or will he be left to ride alone again...

You can find the first book of the Dueling Dragons MC Series, The Lost Trucker, on Amazon.

To celebrate their cover reveal, Rose and Bonnie are hosting a Facebook party, which starts at 10am EST. There will be games and prizes, and at 4pm EST, Bonnie, Rose and cover model Jason will answer questions during a Q&A session.

Rose's Bio

Born & raised in the Pacific Northwest in the US. Only child but a product of a very big family! Writing came to me at a young age. I remember being in school and coming up with stories. Being an only child I played by myself a lot and came up with amazing stories. I was published for the first time at 14 after I wrote a poem about my cat for an animal magazine. I publish my first book The Lost Trucker in July 2013. I am currently working on the sequel Ryder’s Last Run due to release in November 2013.

Three things I can’t live without:
1. My husband
2. My fur-baby 
3. My family…. Like I said I have a BIG family!
Stocker Links:
Twitter: Rosie_Dew13

Bonnie’s Bio

San Francisco Bay Area native transplanted to Lexington, Kentucky in 2005. I am married almost 17 years to my wonderful husband Bob, affectionately known as O.F. and mom to 3 twenty-something sons.

I worked in the higher education administration field before becoming ill with kidney failure in late 2012. I no longer am able to work a 9-5 desk job due to my illness, and getting my feet wet in the writing world was an easy choice for me. I am currently on the kidney transplant list, and I am an advocate for living donation and organ donation.

I am embarking my journey in the indie writing world with my good friend and author Rose Dewallvin. We are currently co-writing Ryder's Last Run Book 2 in the Dueling Dragon's MC Series. Expected release date is November 20, 2013.

Bonnie’s author page link:



  1. Congrats to Bonnie and Rose on their cover reveal -- and that is some cover. Wow! I wish them much success! :-)

  2. Boy, I hope that guy on the cover is the good guy, cause it looks like he can kick everybody's ass. :)


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