Friday, March 15, 2013

Funny Friday Photos

Another week has buzzed past. I'm happy, but when time zips by like this, I can't get enough done.

NEWS!  Finding Meara will be available on Amazon and the other e-book distributors (for FREE!) over Easter Weekend. 

Does this mean I've got it all formatted and ready to go? No, of course not. But, I will. If you happen to pick up a copy and like what you read, it would be very kind of you to leave a review.

Until I started figuring out the self-publishing thing, I had no idea how important reviews are to an author's visibility on Amazon. I've read (from several sources) that an author has to get 40 reviews before you get hooked into the ranking algorithm. That means, until you get 40 reviews, you are floating along on the e-book torrents of monthly releases (which in January totaled 50,000+.) 

Last weeks winner was...

And here's the new photos!

I love the play on words.

Not what I envision when I think of Jesus walking on water. Just sayin.

The mouse is ON HIS EYELID!

Happy cat. I wish I could spread some of what he/she has around ye old workplace!

I love R. Lee Ermey, and the Rottweiler puppy is just cute!

There you have them! Seven of the funniest new photos I could find. 

A quick thanks to David Walker, who provided me with quite a few of the funnies this week. He's a Christian Fiction/Inspirational Writer whom I met through the Life List Club. He has a historical fiction series, Fancy, about a strong young woman making her way through the post-Civil War, male-dominated world. Thanks, David!

My favorite this week is the anti-depressant cat. It's the drugged little smile that gets me. I do love the pug, too.

Did you find a favorite this time?


  1. I love all the pics! My fav is the baby mice on the cat's head. Thanks so much for making me laugh. It's a luxury these days. :-)

  2. I like the zombie one or the pillow one.

    Wow, release time is getting closer and closer! So exciting. I suppose it's another big learning curve with all the Amazon stuff, how that works. It'd be interesting to see a breakdown of those 50000 books released. Like fiction versus non-fiction and genres and categories. I wonder what genre is the most popular. They don't have that info anywhere, do they?

  3. Baby mice and zombie/pug! LOL

  4. All funny. Missed last week's, but what a great winner. :D

  5. Lol, Chloe and I agree hands down it's the Jesusing dog! Chloe votes for the puppy war face as the cutest ever! Love these Lara. :)

  6. Really i love all the pictures.My also favorite this week is the anti-depressant cat.Thanks for sharing Friday funny photos.

    The Equation book

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  8. [Sorry, had to try to fix the link.] I have to vote for Sloth being last from Pandora's box. Several laughs though. Show me your game face is a heartwarming laugh. So darn cute. Good luck getting F.M. out on time! Here's a song to help wish you "no static at all" as you work toward your F.M. goals:

  9. I like the pug, too. Someone must have put him in that position and said stay. LOL

  10. I like the zombie/pug one, but the sloth is good too. Sloths are so cool and mellow-looking :)

  11. LOL! I didn't see last week's and I'm dying! Love it!

    And yay for Finding Meara! Congrats :D

    My fave is that exploding pillow ;)

  12. Thanks to everyone for visiting and commenting! I'm glad they provided a little humorous relief to the week.


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