Friday, March 22, 2013

Funny Friday Photos

Don't tell the spam-bots, but I turned on anonymous comments again. I'm thinking having it turned off is why some of you had trouble commenting last week. Hopefully, they won't find me for a while.

This has been a hell of a week. I'm glad it's Friday and the start of Spring Break. Final edits are coming along. I can't believe I'm almost ready to let this book go. Over the course of writing Finding Meara, I have encountered some wonderful writers and amazing human beings. It's been a pleasure to share my journey with you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the kindness and support you have offered. I always feel sappy when I write stuff like that, but I really mean it. I don't take any comment, friending, following, or vote for granted. I feel very lucky with each one.

Last week's winner for funniest photo was:

Ready for this week's photos? Let's get to 'em! Oh, and yes, I did get a little carried away this week. Please enjoy the extras. 

You know you are a child of the 80's if you understand this reference.

Too cute not to include. It's little face is adorable.

All the pink made me worry it's dead.

My favorite this week is the goal turtle. Which is yours?


  1. I'm partial to the kitten with two "ghost" kitties. So cute! You did a great job picking. Wishing you luck with your final edits - those are a bear, but the end is in sight! :-)

  2. Either the past lives one or the cow. The zombie one still makes me chuckle too.

    Is the spam thing a big problem? Mine is thru Wordpress and it sends spam to a folder luckily. Every once in a while one gets thru, but not often.

  3. The last two! LOL

    The hairy bunny in the tub is WAY too cute. :D

  4. Three way tie for me:
    THe Cow/ Gator good bye/ Hare

  5. I laughed aloud at all of them. I can't pick a fave. The kitten, the alligators, the otter are top contenders. I love the turtle but think I wanted a Hoo-ahh instead of goal. :P I did worry about the bunny, too-but I think he's fine. Great job, as usual.

  6. I have to go with the otter. He's an earnest chap. And don't we all feel that way about shrimp?

  7. YAY!!! Finding Meara! Finding Meara! Please let me know what I can do to help!!! :)

  8. Partial to the otter, cause otters is so cute!

  9. I like the "hare!" I have to leave on the Anonymous comments block on my blog. Someone decided to cyber-stalk me and sent me creepy, threatening messages. So the anon-blocker is here to say in my case.

  10. Probably old MacDonald.


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