Thursday, February 18, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Pop-up Insects

Happy Friday to all!

Through the Fairy Ring is to the editor! Yay for the third draft being done! I'm looking forward to seeing her suggestions for improvement. I think I'm on schedule for a May release date, even if she makes a lot of suggestions.

While I'm waiting, I'll be doing some beta-reading of my own and I'm going to make a map! There's a lot more travelling between lands in TTFR, and I think it's confusing. I'll share it here first, so be watching. I haven't decided if I'll put it on my website, or if I want to include it in the book. Potential formatting issues scare me.

Not as much as Donald Trump though. I think the US has gone crazy. And what's this about a Go Fund Me account to get Kanye West out of debt? Is that for real? If it is, I am appalled. I can hardly look at news anymore. The ignorance found there is astounding. E-gads.

So, want to get lost in some funny photos? Last week's winner is:

Here's the new photos:

Via jackblk

How I felt last week when my husband was gone.

Now that they mention it...

That's just cruel, in a funny sort of way.

A pun:

I can't really say which is my favorite. The exacto knife and the mixer are both cute.

How about you? Did you like any in particular?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I'm a little late, but... :)

    The mixer one and the paper towels made me laugh most.

    We had a busy weekend, it seemed. That's why I didn't get around her till Monday. Back to normal now though!

  2. I'm voting for the mixer! And if someone would have told me Trump would run for president, I wouldn't have believed it. To see that he's winning is appalling - but not surprising when most of his supporters are uneducated whites who are obviously lazy, whiny bigots and blame their problems on everyone else. However, I'm pretty sure he makes Clinton look better and more likely to win.


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