Thursday, April 23, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: Instigating Dogs

Happy Friday! It's the weekend!

I'm keeping it short this week. Let's just say I'm multi-tasking and feeling a little distracted. My mind is truly four different places right now, and I'm not feeling like I can even make a decent sentence. Here are the new photos and I hope you all have a great weekend!

Or not.

So not good. How do you fix something like that?
And one pun. Sorry. :(

My favorite is the instigator. But I really like the plan ahead sign too!

Is there anyone that you liked better than the others?


  1. The instigator is my favorite. The horse one made me laugh too.

    I hope your mind comes together this weekend. :) I've had a sick kid home all week. 4.5 days. The school carnival is tonight and I'm pretty sure she won't be able to go. She's already sad about that. And I've gotten hardly nothing done all week. :( Maybe this weekend.

  2. I don't know which one to choose!!! They're all brilliant this week. um...maybe the puppies. I'm a sucker for the puppies. I'm sure your multitasking will end up with the best possible results. Some weeks are like that. Big hugs. X

  3. Loved the Plan Ahead sign, but it's ancient, so I'm gonna go with the civil engineers.

  4. I like the Plan Ahead sign, although I think they couldn't squeezed a "d" on the same line if they wrote really small :)

  5. I love these! I especially liked the sealiest seal, but the "I Ate Your Keys" made me laugh the most, so that gets my vote. Have a great week!


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