Friday, February 01, 2013

Funny Photo Friday - LOTR Edition

February has arrived, and I have no idea where January went! Here's to a new month and (hopefully) relaxing weekend.

My children have become Lord of the Rings obsessed. They play LOTR Legos, watch the movies, play the Lego video game and we read a few pages at night before bed. So, in honor of my children, and since Just Capshunz was not producing the giggles I needed this week, I changed the theme for this Friday to Lord of the Rings.

But first, here is the winner for last week's funniest photo:

And now the Lord of the Rings photos!

My favorite is the panda above. Something about its expression hits the funny just right.

Do you have anything relaxing planned for the weekend? 
Any favorites?


  1. :D

    The door, Mordor, and Gondor made me giggle.

    I knew the melon collie would win!! lol

    1. I like that one, too. I saw it on pinterest a while ago. there's a whole string of jokes like that. Maybe I should share it next week. :)

  2. Oh geez, I just got the mellon collie thing now. I mean I thought it was funny, but the words didn't click... until now. :)

    My favorite is the cat/scratching post.

    I haven't introduced my son to LOTR yet, he's 8.5. I worried that a few parts might be scary. Cause really, if he sees it, his 6 yr old sister will too.

    But they've see all the Star Wars. And I'm really excited to watch it with him, despite the length of the movie. I think he'll like it.

    Did your boys have any problems with scary parts?

    1. The 5 yr old wasn't too upset with anything. He isn't as sensitive to scary stuff that the 7 yr old is. All the things I thought would scare them didn't, though. The part they really don't like is when Boromir dies. It's pretty intense, but they still watch it. I just made sure to reinforce it's all pretend, and I'd ask if it was too scary at certain parts so I could turn it off. Maybe you could try it out on a weekend, so if they have bad dreams it doesn't affect school. :) Let me know if you show it to them!

  3. Huh. I could have sworn I commented yesterday. (Scratches head.) These are all my favorites, Lara! Especially the "Alex No." (underlined) Love the theme. (natch) I may have to book mark this as a guaranteed pick me up after a bad day. :D

    Okay-- I did comment yesterday and it ate it--b/c it just noshed this one. Seems like that happened earlier in the week, too. The comment thingy won't let me comment with Google+ anymore. Or Name/URL either it seems. Gonna try Wordpress next and copy my text as I go. Okay--no to WP. Going to anonymous. This is Denise Falvo. :D Nope that won't work either.

    I have a blogger a/c. I'm signed it. Can't figure this out. :(

    1. It worked with Google after I navigated to my account. (I was already signed in.) I have no idea what changed, but glad it sorted itself out. :D

  4. I love the panda, too! Cool about your little LOTR fans. My granddaughters are obsessed at this time with the upcoming arrival of their little sister, Eva. We "voted" her into Nana's club this weekend... What a hoot!

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