Friday, December 28, 2012

Funny Photo Friday

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Ours was snow and sugar filled. We didn't even do a decent dinner because we were all so full from candy and cookies. I suppose I shouldn't admit to that. You'll all think I'm a terrible mother. We did have carrots with dinner. And a banana. They're healthy. Right?

I spent the day after Christmas setting up my website, which you can find at or you can click on the Website Home link in the Menu on the sidebar. I also added Finding Meara to Goodreads and became a Goodreads Author. If you want to view my author profile it is the same link that is in the Social Media links in the sidebar. Right now I'm concentrating on Goodreads as a reader, so if you want to share books with me, please friend me over there!

Last week's winner for funniest photo is:

Now let's see what we can find for this week!

They look so harmless. I wonder when skunks can spray. Are they born with the ability or is it something they grow into?

I could not resist the Star Wars reference.

Good enough reason to stay on the nice list.

And Dog learns you don't ever cross Liam Neeson.
And that's the best I could find. It took a while to find them, too. Apparently all the clever people took time off at Christmas from writing nifty captions for funny pictures.

My favorite is Santa's Psychodog helper. Which is yours?


  1. I love the picture of the kids playing with the baby skunks.

  2. I'm with you. My favorite is Santa's psycho dog helper but my second fave is the Liam Neeson one. Awesome. :)

  3. I'm a Star Wars fan so you had me with the bananas and monkey until I saw the dog's face in the "Taken" threat. LOL!

  4. haha, goot ones! LOVE the baby skunks, did this as a kid! Jink

  5. I forgot how to cat. hahaha! love it! :)

    OOOH how exciting that you're a GR author now. Definitely checking that out! :D

  6. We had too many sugary things too. Nice website. Great job! I know I'm missing out, but I'm not on GR yet. I heart Liam Neeson, so I must go with that picture.

  7. The kids and the skunks! Most definitely. Wished I saw this Friday, I needed a good laugh! :D

  8. @Michael & Jink - Those baby skunks are too cute!

    @Tamara - I'm in good company!

    @D.D. - I know! It's face just says "Oh my gosh - what did I do!"

    @Trisha - Thanks for finding me on Goodreads!

    @Stacy - I heart Liam Neeson, too. The pictures of him on my Finding Meara Pinterest page are adorable.

    @Diane - Darn! At least you got a laugh today!

  9. Nice website! I like the Liam Neeson photo. Love that guy!

  10. They are hilarious! Psycho dog looks EXACTLY like my dog... Subordinate Clauses, nyuk nyuk.

    1. Hey - nice to see you! Your dog must be entertaining to have around!


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