Friday, August 24, 2012

Funny Photo Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!  I started back to work yesterday and am feeling jet lag, even though I haven't gone anywhere.  Work lag?  The beginning of the school year is always tough to get used to.

A sad update as far as Camp Nanowrimo goes.  This week, with getting my kids ready to go back to school, getting me ready to go back to school, and trying to get my query fixed "just so" means I've fallen so far behind I'll never finish.  So!  Now I know. Nanowrimo is not for me.  I'm glad I tried, though.

Another tie from last week between Star Wars and the Mailman.  Well played, Mailman.  I thought Star Wars was going to win!

I decided to try blowing the pictures up really big.  There is a picture below you have to look at closely to figure it out, and I had a hard time unless the picture was on extra-large.  I've always had bad eyesight, but this makes me feel old.

Have a great weekend and we're off to the new pics.

What a cute little face!

Just because it's a play on a book...  Plus, Komodo Dragons are cool!

I've never seen a hedgehog look so grumpy!

I had a dog that looked like a seal. I bet it's true.

Another one I had to look hard for.

It looks like the Wicked Witch of the West!

My favorite is the curtain cat.  It made me laugh, hard.
What's your favorite?


  1. Toss-up. Either dragon tattoo or the zebra one. I'm leaning towards the zebra one. Have a great weekend.

  2. Dog mermaids and the striped lion!

  3. The dragon with the girl tattoo cracked me up. Ha!

    Happy weekend. Sounds like you need it.

  4. The girl tattoo and the dog mermaid because I'm working on a mermaid story and she has a tattoo of a...well, I can't tell you yet.:)
    Hope your weekend is awesomeness and beautiful:)

  5. Like I said last year at this same time, my Nanowrimo got no mojo. Too busy working on my current book to start another, plus work and etc., etc. The start of school means our office is busy beyond belief! Arrgh, will be glad when things slow down.

  6. I love the Dragon with the Girl Tattoo!!! Too funny!

  7. Ha! Really great captions this week. I, I can't choose! :P Seriously. The porcupine slays me, but the the zebra-cat is so reminiscent of the old Far Side cartoons that I have a nostalgic fondness for it. The idea of a seal being a mermaid pet is too funny and the Komodo dragon piques my quirky sense of a good pun.

    Wishing you a great school year! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful resource from which to glean writing material. :P

  8. Thanks all for stopping by and voting! I hope everyone has a restful weekend!

  9. Can't vote. Thay all had me lmao.

  10. Orange cat is as awesome as he is orange.

  11. The Dragon with The Girl Tattoo - that was hilarious!

  12. We might end up with a tie this week, too. Zebra lion and Komodo tatoo. Can't wait 'til Friday to see!

  13. You could do CampNano when your kids are grown. Imagine all the time you will have! Good for you for trying! I hope you adjust to your new schedule soon.

  14. That week or two before school starts when they're so sick of summer but have NOTHING to do is THE WORST for getting anything done. Just think of all the time you'll have soon!


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