Thursday, April 07, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Creepy Sloth is Creepy

Happy Friday!

So, my entire family LOVED the 2Cellos concert. We had so much fun and they were amazing to watch. They have a new video coming out today, so if you are interested, look up the 2Cellos on YouTube. I'd put the link here, but the video hasn't been released as of yet.

On our drive to Kansas City my husband helped me figure out what needs to happen in the new chapter two of Through the Fairy Ring. I think it's going to be good. What I am loving most about this part of the process is seeing how everything is fitting together. I am thankful to Kelley Gershke for suggesting I work on the story goal a little more.

Let's get on with some photos! Last week's winner was:

All photos are from I Can Has Cheeseburger. Also, a profanity warning - one of the pictures this week has a bad word in the caption. I debated if I should include it, but it really is a good caption to the picture, so I went with it.

Here we go!


My favorite is the profane penguin. There's just something about how the dolphins are looking at it. Makes me chuckle.

What's your favorite?
Did you have a good week?


  1. I'm quietly sniggering in my bed at 2:57 a.m.

  2. I'm loving the ice, ice, baby! That's a brilliantly taken photo too. Someone really thought about it. Great composition, great rule of thirds, great mood. Great news about your concert. I've seen the two cellos videos so can imagine what the concert was like. Oh, and husband is such a keeper. Way to go husband!

    1. I personally think my husband is pretty awesome, but then I did marry him!

  3. I liked the ice ice baby best. :)

    Sometimes those first few chapters just give us problems, don't they. I'm glad you're figuring it out though.

    1. You said it! I've been avoiding chapter two, and feeling guilty for it. I know what I want to go in the chapter, but don't seem to want to write it. :P I need to just force myself to do it - no excuses, no detours. Sigh... I feel like Alice in Wonderland. "I give myself very good advice, but I seldom ever follow it."


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