Thursday, May 28, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: Traveling Polar Bears

Happy Friday!

News from the moving front--my house has more class than I do. The stagers came and made my house look like something out of HGTV. It's good that my children are with their grandmother, because I don't think I could keep it looking this nice with them here. It's hard enough with my four dogs. I am obsessively vacuuming every day.

News from the book front--I want to find a way to put a hang drum into Through the Fairy Ring. And some rock magic. I have some Earth magic already in the story, but I'd like to find a way to incorporate stones. And of course my mind goes directly to Ludo in Labyrinth. Not the effect I'm looking for, so I guess I'll be thinking on it. In the meantime, here's a YouTube video of a very cool hang drum performance.

Thanks so much, Lexa, David, Suzi and Veronica for commenting the last couple of posts. You are the awesomest!

Here are this week's photos, for your viewing pleasure.

The dog on the right looks just like my dog, Tumpa.

Look at those feet!

They're the perfect match. So nice Waldo and Carmen SanDiego found each other.

They need to make up their minds.

I found this funny because this past weekend I had some guy stare at me, more like the bottom picture. Most people, once you catch them looking at you, look away. Not him. And I totally didn't think he was staring because he thought I was pretty. I figure he was staring because I looked like a tired wreck!


How'd they make those tiny mustaches?

I love the "In Turkey" pun. It was so unexpected it made me laugh out loud.

Which was your favorite? Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?


  1. I've had that bottom guy look before. It is weird when they don't look away.

    I like the moose dog. He totally looks like one and that made me laugh. I also like the dog driving cause of those glasses and the way his leg is sitting on the window. It's so humanlike and macho. :)

    Happy Friday! Today is the first day of summer vacation for us. And it's windy, rainy and just all around crappy. Welcome summer! :)

  2. It seems like the market is doing well right now, so best of luck. I had trouble with just one dog years ago ... I liked the moose one.

  3. I enjoyed the polar bear, although I wish they knew the difference between further and farther, but I think for a change I'll agree with everyone else and go with the moose imitation.

  4. Well, my most favourite one was that cute guy and his dreads! I cannot lie! Wait till Chloe sees him. His music was great too. You know, the first thing I thought of when I read the first part of your post was: I hate moving, when the heck are stagers!?!, and if you haven't, then you might want to read Terry Pratchett's Soul Music, for rocks, magic, music, inspiration and general all round good time. :D
    OK, I looked up stagers. Not very popular round here in Van because the properties are at such a premium that the average time spent on the market is usually 9 days, sells over asking price, (especially if in a good hood), and then the property is torn down for a new development anyway. Well, not always, just the properties which would need to be staged to sell. Developers don't
    Anyway, it's 6am and I'm outahere to "stage" my art in the garden. Butterflies in my stomach, but all will be well. Big hugs, you classy lady with the classy house.

  5. I like the thunder picture because it reminds me of one of my mom's dogs. He's such a fierce and brave beast ;)

    Good luck with your move and stuff!

  6. I'm glad to hear things are evening out. Soon the whole thing will be over and in 6 months you won't even remember it!

    I LOVED that drum player!! If I had the slightest idea how to use YouTube, I'd put it on my FB wall.

    I'm voting for the polar bear 'coz DANG! :O


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