Friday, August 31, 2012

Funny Friday Photos

Here it is, the weekend already!  I don't know about you, but the week flew by for me!

Today (Thursday) I stayed home with my sick little boy and worked on my pitch for two contests.  The first is a Twitter pitch at Operation Awesome's Mystery Agent Contest, and then refined my longer pitch for GUTGAA (Gearing Up to Get an Agent) at Deanna Barnhart's fine blog.

Operation Awesome's contest is on Saturday, and GUTGAA, as you can see in the sidebar, runs for all of September.  If you want to participate in even just one of the many amazing opportunities there, you need to get over and sign up now!

I also started editing the first 150 words of Finding Meara for GUTGAA and I have to tell everyone who gave me feedback "thank you" one more time. I can't tell you how awesome you are and how helpful your fantastic advice was.   I wish I could have you all look over my entire manuscript, but at the very least I now know what to look for that I missed in previous drafts!

The winner of last weeks photos is:

It won by a very narrow margin.  The zebra lion ran a very close second.

Let's see the new pictures! Are you ready?

I had a Canadian friend when I was in my early 20's.  Oh the memories.
That sounds about right.
I feel the same way.  My kids like them though, so what do I watch?
I totally don't get it, but it was so cute I had to include it!
Hee, hee!  He looks so nervous!
What do you suppose the male lion is thinking, because the look in his eyes...

I think my favorite is the nervous shark.  I love his worried expression.
Did you pick a favorite? What fun do you have planned for the holiday? 
Have a happy weekend!


  1. I liked the polar bear one.

    I hope the sick little boy is all better and nobody else caught it. Have a great weekend.

  2. Polar Bear for me as well; also liked the octopus but tottaly do not get the caption either. If someone figures it out pls post it.

  3. Those are all hilarious, but, yeah, the polar bear one is classic. Too funny. Happy Loooong weekend!

  4. I always love your friday pics! What a great way to start the weekend. :D The geese and squid guy tickle my funny bone, but the polar bear is spot on. Good luck with all of your contest entries! You are going to have so much fun, and we all win blog traffic. :)

  5. I love the one with the polar bear! Good luck with your contest entries! All appendages crossed!

  6. They are all funny but I like the polar bear one the best! Good luck on the contests!!

  7. Thanks all for coming by - so far Polar Bear has a sweep!

  8. I'm going to put a vote in for the Smurfs one! Good luck with your pitch entries.

  9. Like the wee squidlet :) Caption is the actual name of Cthulu. H.P. Lovecraft story beastie. Look the reference up. It's fabulous and frightening :)

  10. I'm going with the lizard and the smurf one :) Even before I read "smurfs" I loved it :) Good luck with GUTGAA, I'll be seeing you around during that!

  11. Hi,
    I enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading the antedotes on them, It was very interesting for me.
    Hope your son is feeling better.

  12. Nervous shark is "cute" if a shark can be cute. Though I love the lions and catch-a-tiger the best! :)

  13. The Polar Bear has some competetion, now! Thanks everyone for the well wishes for the contests, and for my little guy. He was better, and then the next one got sick... darn.

  14. Great pics Lara! I'm voting for the geese!
    And I love the new blog look! :) Great colors!

  15. I like the tiger one! lol!
    Wow, so many great contests! I can't wait to be closer to my query mark!

  16. @ Leigh - I love those geese! And thanks!

    @Ashley - There are some great contests out there, and they seem to be growing! Thanks for coming by!

  17. I'm partial to the shark too. Have a wonderful Labor Day!

  18. Thanks, Stacy! You, too! Blake (the youngest) pointed out the shark has no teeth and I think that's why it looks so cute and harmless to me. I'm sure there's teeth in there somewhere, though!

  19. Lol!! I love that last one!! Who said catch a tiger by a toe?? It's tail of course!! :)

  20. Awww, that polar bear photo is awesome!

  21. Wow, that certainly is a nervous expression on that shark's face. But I'm going to have to go with lil' baby octopus...because octopus :)

  22. Somehow I missed responding to the last three comments! I'm so sorry!

    @Nicole - I love the look in the lion's eye.

    @Diane - He's the winner!

    @Mike - You do know that I thought of you when I saw the little octopus baby know...octopus. :)


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