Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Things You Might See While Playing Pokemon Go - June Edition

Hi!  Or maybe "Surprise!!" would be a better beginning!

I don't think you want me to go into why I'm posting now or why I haven't posted in so long. Let's just agree to move on from here, shall we? Let me just blow off the dust around here and we can get started!

Quickly, let me update about Through the Fairy Ring. I had every intention of putting the story on Wattpad and leaving it there, but I've since changed my mind. While I have finished editing it once, my lovely author/editor-friend Suzi Wieland has kindly done a final copy-edit for me. Once I get the last check done I'm going to be releasing it on Amazon. So, all the places that say Through the Fairy Ring is coming soon are once again correct. Sorry?

I plan to post blog posts every Tuesday evening. I have a plan for a blog schedule, but until I actually post weekly for a while, I'm not going to waste your time talking about it! Look for links on Twitter and Facebook, if you aren't subscribed or a follower here.

OK! Let's talk Pokemon Go (also known as "the game that has obsessed my husband and me.") I've played off and on for several years. In April we adopted a new dog (Revan) and I began playing Pokemon Go again because, of course, a large dog needs lots of walking. I got hooked into the local Pokemon Go community and started doing raids and battles, and now I know more about Pokemon than I ever thought I would have. I love the game! I just wish they would come up with more research quests, because I'm almost done with them all.

Anyway, as I walk all over I see interesting things, and decided I would like to share them with any of you who want to take the time to look at my pictures! Without further ado, here is some of what I've seen this past month while playing Pokemon Go!

The dog who started it all! May I present Revan, the sweetest dog with the craziest eyebrows. He's a shelter rescue who is our perfect dog. So happy he joined our family!

There are all kinds of murals around town. This month I chose to share the birds, because I love birds. We have all kinds of aviary variations that either live here or migrate through-including laughing gulls, blue jays, cardinals, chickadees, doves, grackles, orioles and many more I don't know the names of, but love seeing every summer.

Sandhill Cranes are very big here. They migrate across this area each late February and March. They're an amazing sight to see, and hear. Their call is a sweet warbling.

Just some pretty flowers at one of the two colleges we have.

This is one of several fountains we have in town. It's a Pokestop in a cute little park in the middle of  the main part of town.

We've been getting some amazing thunder and rain storms.

Last week several ancient trees were blown down all over town due to high winds which accompanied the rain storm. I'm so sad at the loss of the trees.

Which did you see first ? The spider or the face?

Another one of our fountains. I love that they light up at night! This one changes colors and water flow, too. It's fun to watch. Below is a more dramatic photo of the same fountain.

That's my pictures for this month. I hope you all had as fine a June as I did. :D

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  1. I love the pictures of your city! All beautiful but the spider on the pole is cool! Welcome back!


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