Friday, July 28, 2017

Silly Saturday Photos: Pretty Crocodiles

Happy Weekend!

I hope the week has gone well and you can look forward to a calm and relaxing few days off. Or, perhaps you want a wild and exciting fun time. Whatever your wishes, I hope the weekend meets your expectations!

Following a very busy week, I am definitely ready for some time off. I have been reading Fearless Writing and am identifying with Kenower's observations. I haven't had time to edit during the week, but last weekend I edited several chapters. I've also been completing the exercises at the end of the chapters in Kenower's book and brainstorming on new stories. I'm starting to think about writing without dreading it or experiencing the self-loathing I've attached to my lack of production and amazingly maintain my motivation to create. That's progress.

This week I actually found some funny pictures worthy of sharing. I hope you enjoy them!

Doing home visits in a neighboring county this week I ran into swarms of butterflies, which I believe are part of this years Monarch Butterfly migration. Sadly, I can't count how many I killed with the car. And the birds were picking them off, too. It's a wonder any actually make it to their destination. In my defense, I did try to avoid them, once I realized they weren't grasshoppers.  I won't actively try to kill anything, but I don't feel too bad if I accidentally run over a few grasshoppers.

Speaking of grasshoppers...

Said no squirrel ever!

Such cute puns!

Did any of the photos tickle your funny bone? Or at least give you a chuckle? I'm partial to the patient squirrel. I have a love/hat relationship with squirrels. They're awfully cute, but frustrate me to no end. Almost as much as the local bunnies. The chameleon is a close second.

Have a great weekend!


  1. The squirrel is pretty cute. We don't have any around cause our trees are not that big yet. Our old house in another city though, we had squirrels who tormented my dog. They'd sit up in the tree and chitter/chatter at her and she'd want to chase them so bad. :)

  2. I think my fave is the croc :P

    I've just had a week off and I'd like another one, thanks. haha


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