Saturday, April 29, 2017

Silly Saturday Photos: Wolverine Kitty

Happy (late) Weekend!

How did your week go?

I'll admit, my week was pretty interesting. If you've been on Twitter, you'll already know that I tried to cut off my thumb with a mandolin slicer. The urgent care doctor glued the skin back down, but the glue is starting to come off and it doesn't look good at all. I can't tell if it's infected, or if it just looks gross.

I bought and read a book about writing short stories by James Scott Bell. I want to get back into short stories, and the book was really helpful. Sadly, I haven't actually written anything yet. I've been working, cooking and editing when I can. I have a journal, though, and I'm working on one story idea a day. Eventually I should find a story I want to write!

Well, let's see this week's photos! I actually saw some that were funny.

My dogs are so old, they only wish they could go for so many walks.

Every single time!!

Who knew Sauron was a girl.

The likeness is uncanny!

A punny joke!

My favorite is the Wolverine cat! It's so funny!

Have a lovely week and we'll see you next weekend!


  1. Hi Lara, dreadful news about your poor finger! Hope you have some antibiotic cream around. I like the gamblers in Africa. Made me laugh. :D

    1. I love that joke, myself! Between Boy 1 and an infected toe and my thumb, we should buy stock in antibiotic cream! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. I liked the pooped out German Shepard. :)

    Get to writing those stories. I like doing the shorts. They're so less overwhelming when it's time to edit than novels. :) (And maybe if you write some, when you're ready for beta readers, we can exchange. :) )

    And Yikes! to your finger. I hope that heals quick. I've never heard of the gluing skin on thing.

    1. Deal for beta reading! I've missed reading your stories. :D


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