Thursday, November 10, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Fight Club for Writers

Very Happy Friday
a Happy Veteran's day to the Veterans out there.

I will admit that I'm having a bit of a crisis since the Presidential election wrapped up. It's not so much that Donald Trump was elected, but what it means that he got elected by the people of the USA. I used to tell my children that, as Americans, we stand up for equality and social justice and protect the weak and vulnerable. Apparently, for about half of the US, this is not a true statement. This election has shown us the true face of the American public, and about half of them, and apparently most of them white people, feel it's a good idea to have a racist, sexist, misogynistic man as the leader of our country. Abraham Lincoln is probably turning in his grave. Or crypt... Wherever he's at. All I know is I'm disappointed. And not because I was a huge Clinton fan, either. We need a better way to get presidential nominees. And a better way of electing than the electoral college.

But, I don't want to go on about it anymore. So, let's see if we can lighten up a little with some funny photos? This batch has a lot of signage. I'm really enjoying words lately. I've been making a real effort to work on Through the Fairy Ring, and I'm starting to work on ideas for my next project. Slow going, as usual, but I'm glad to have my interest back.

Anyway - to the photos!

I don't think they're paying enough.

They're at a discount because they have no self-esteem left.

Where I live now is the birthplace of Kool-Aid. I love Kool-Aid, but hate the Kool-Aid man.
My boys and I make jokes about the "Oh, Yeah!!" all the time. I mean, couldn't they come up with a better slogan?
A pun:

Via: Izismile

Well, off we go for another weekend!

My favorite is the Senior Citizen sign. It's the idea of old people being vacuumed. Very quirky visual in my mind. I see some of my clients and imagine their reaction to people chasing them with vacuums.

Which is your favorite?


  1. Senior citizen sign - although the insulted bags tickled me, too.

  2. Well, I've seen a lot of presidential elections during my lifetime and what I've learned is this: you can't judge a majority of people by who has been elected. We did not have the best choices this time by a long shot. Many were upset by Obama's election and were quick to judge those who cast votes for him. The only thing we can really influence in our lives are things within our reach, like family and community. If we don't like what we see, we can work to improve. That's just life. I just hope we continue to be the great country of America, founded on people's freedom of choice and the right to pursue religion or no religion and to be free from oppression. Life's too short to get depressed about things that are out of our control. I hope and pray we can all come together as Americans and continue to be noble and professional. By the way, I love the senior citizen funny!

  3. Goodness, what a pickle America got itself into. Hopefully the next four years will be some sort of gentle holding pattern until someone more suitable comes along. Up here in Canada the analysis seems to be that he's alienated so many people who would be key to his presidency, that it will probably take him a good year to make some relationships in Washington to be able to get any changes implemented. Oh well. Hope it works out.

    I loved the insulted lunch bags....poor Hope you have a great weekend. <3


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