Thursday, September 01, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Sassy Pants

Happy Friday!

The last two weeks went by really fast! I didn't mean to skip last week's post. It just kind of happened, because there always seems to be something to do on Thursday nights. Heck, there's always something to do EVERY night!

I've decided I really hate chapter two of Through the Fairy Ring and I need to figure out something different to go there. Every time I try to write it I just get a heavy feeling in my chest and I can't do it. I've been fighting to keep going for a long time now because I need to have a chapter two but I've decided to listen to my instincts and ditch it. I'm already more excited about coming up with a new idea than I ever was about the chapter. I'm thinking about getting Edlark and Hazel into a scene together. That would be way more fun than what's  currently going on.

I'm really liking Adam Lambert right now. His voice is absolutely amazing. Okay, so he's cute, too, but mostly I'm enthralled with his voice. My sister would have loved him. Anyway, I'm listening to his album The Original High almost constantly. I've always liked his songs, but something about Another Lonely Night moved my interest level up. It might be a good song to add to my Through the Fairy Ring playlist. It kind of sums up Hazel's state of mind at the beginning of the book. Have you heard it? Here's a link if you want to see it. Click here!

Shall we move on to new photos? There's some cute ones this week! Last week was a fifty/fifty tie, so I didn't post the winners here.

Caption by Reika15

Extra points for including a pun!
Caption by Greencliff

Too true to be too funny...
Via Dump a Day

Via Pinterest

This is just animal abuse!


We all have our demons, right?
Via Pinterest
I don't know which is my favorite! I really like sassy pants, but Miss Frizzle's bus makes me laugh!

Which is your favorite?
Did you have a nice last two weeks?


  1. I like the sassy pants best.

    Earlier this summer we were at the fair and we went through the 4-H buildings. Which we often do when we go to the fair, but it seemed like this year there were all these unusual chickens with all sorts of unusual feathering. Like these interesting plumes on their heads or ones that were wearing legwarmers. They were all pretty cool--like this guy. But I'd just never seen such a variety of chickens before. It was interesting.

  2. I love the bus picture! I've ditched so many chapters in my life and rewritten so many I could publish a book full of false starts. One particular book I started (you read some of it) I got about 3/4 through and had to quit writing it. I had this creepy guy called "soul man" that was following my heroine around. I scared the socks off myself and decided not to finish the thing. I figure those types of things keep us writing--we can consider them writing exercises that broaden our author muscles.

  3. I'm with the sassy pants people :)

    And I hope you come up with a Chapter 2 you like better. I think I can relate. There's a scene in my WiP for which I've been needing to come up with something different for a long time, and I had no idea what to do with it. I'm almost through a first draft of it, and while it needs a lot of work, it's at least something I feel like I can work with.

  4. I adore Adam Lambert. He should have won Idol that year. He's super-talented, and I'm glad you're enjoying listening to him! My fave is the onion face. ;)

    Trust your gut about the chapter. Sometimes I don't write for weeks because I know something's wrong. There's no use "pressing on anyway" and getting ideas I know don't aren't working written down. Nope. I immerse myself in research, TV, and writing advice articles until I find the Big Idea that will get inspired. (BTW, this article did it for me today: ) Read it, it's awesome!

    1. Opening too many tabs and not proofing. Should be: "...and getting ideas I know aren't working written down." And it should be *reading* those writing advice articles, not like I'm writing the articles to get inspired! LOL!


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