Thursday, August 20, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: Near-Death Musical Experiences

Happy Friday, everyone!

It looks like I'll get a writing office, complete with Pokemon decorations on the walls. I'm just happy that Boy 1 will start going to sleep before 11:00pm again. Maybe if school started off better for them, having their own rooms would have gone better. Hopefully things will improve, but for now they both wanted to share a room, so I get an office!

I've been editing Through the Fairy Ring, and have developed a little more of the Fairy lineages, which has better informed the plot, and given more motivation to both the Pixie Queen's actions, and Edlark's. I love the name I came up with for one of the Fairies of the insect-air lineage. His name is Terlach of Frid-Adhar, and he's one of the more nasty, and humorous, of the characters in TTFR. It was fun to do the research to develop the fictional lines. I don't know if I'll call them clans or not. Calling the groups clans seems cliche.

Thank you Lexa, Suzi, Veronica, David and Joe for commenting last week! Veronica, I'll do a special post with some pictures of the writing room, and some other photos of places special to me, once I get things rearranged (again).

Here are this week's new photos. Last week there wasn't a clear winner.

Isn't that just how it feels to have an itch scratched in just the right way?

Does this dog only have three legs? I think so!

Must have been very preoccupied that morning.

That is so what meeting goals feels like.

I hold my breath each time I look at this picture.

A little jazz will see you through.

I love this picture. It's so pretty!
My favorite is the Near-Death Metal woman. It made me laugh, while the rest were more "chucklers."

Did you have a favorite?


  1. I've walked out of the house with different shoes on. Although I will say, they were the same exact style and one was black and one was navy--so almost black. And it was a dark winter morning. :)

    But... the picture makes me think. Some people are colorblind. We like to joke with my dad because my mom has helped him with clothes over the years because he's colorblind. So there's certain shades of black and brown (and probably navy too) that look exactly the same. Or blues/greens that are the same or reds/pinks/oranges that are the same.

    And then... since I'm on this colorblind thing. I saw a youtube video of this colorblind guy who got these special glasses and for the first time ever he saw color closer to as it should be. He was with his kids outside and it was so touching, he actually started crying. It was very cool to see.

    1. I bet it was touching. Many of us, myself included, take a lot of the ordinary specialness of the world for granted. I try to remember to be amazed and grateful for the small things, but it's always good to have reminders that there really is everyday magic. I'd never thought how hard it would be to be colorblind. Thanks for the reminder.

      A funny story, I have some dress socks that are black, but they have different patterns, many of which are difficult to see unless it's on your foot, or you look very closely. Last winter I'd put my socks on and go to work, and be sitting in a meeting and be like "Wait, I have two different socks on," which was obvious because they were on my feet and the pattern was stretched out. My husband is one of the great husbands that cooks and folds laundry, etc..., but when he'd fold the laundry he couldn't see the patterns and would match the socks willy-nilly. So, after a couple of times, I started checking to make sure I had matching socks.

  2. The "near death metal" made me laugh the most. And I love that guy with two different shoes on. Get dressed in the dark or what?! But my vote goes to the cat tail in the garbage. Funny! :)

    I'm so glad you get your own office! That'll be an awesome place to think up new trouble evil Terlach can get into.

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to not having to shuffle everything to the kitchen table each morning. Technically it'll be the family office, but I think I'll have a desk spot all my own, for my writing books and laptop. That will be enough, especially if it's in front of the window that looks out into the back yard. :)

  3. Congratulations on getting an office and time to focus on your writing. I liked the photo of the shoes. I've done that with navy and black!


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