Friday, March 07, 2014

Funny Friday Photos

Happy Friday!

I don't know about you, but a majority of my week was spent waking up like this:

I do not know why, but this week I was dragging. All. Week. Long.

Exciting Knitting News

I am very pleased to share that a friend of mine, Sarah Perkins, is a knitter and she designs her own knitting patterns. She is designing two shawl patterns based off the Adven Realm Series. Don't be thinking Granny Shawl. She makes beautiful, lacy creations (fingerless gloves, shawls, hats, mittens...)

The first shawl will center around the owl theme and the second will revolve around the fairy/pixie theme. When I have the book release for Adven 2 (I really, really need a working name) they'll be a part of the release day festivities. I'll keep you updated as Sarah progresses on them. So far, the direction she is taking the designs sounds extremely cool. Sarah has a page on, a free knitting website, so if you're a knitter you can go over and check it out! Just search for her by name: Sarah Perkins.

What I learned this week:

I am a Facebook Quiz Addict. It is true.

Below I detail the priceless information gained by said quizzes.

If I were a Star Trek Character I'd be... Kirk! (Really? I guess I am emotional.)

If I were an Avenger I'd be... Black Widow! (Totally don't get this at all. But I'd be okay being Black Widow. Smart, sexy and kick-a$$. What more could a woman want to be.)

If I had a Patronus it would be a... Horse! (It said I'm an underrated bada$$!)

If I were a food I'd be... Cheese! (I've always felt I don't belong anywhere, but the quiz reframes it so nicely into the idea that I belong everywhere. I don't even mind being cheese.)

If I were a Shakespeare Character I'd be... Hamlet! (I get this even less than Black Widow.)

Yes, this is what I'm doing instead of writing. I am so sorry.

Last week's funniest photo is:

And here are this week's photos!

It's like one of those wavy line pictures from the 90's! If you're having trouble, the tongue is the rabbit's nose.

Can't decide if I'm jealous or having sympathy back pain.

Which is why I wear contacts. And my vision is much blurrier!

The other day I about broke off two fingers to get all the bags inside in one trip.

No caption needed.

I'm not a pretty crier. I'm not a pretty exerciser.

This made me laugh so hard I cried. Please, someone else tell me you understand and find it that funny.

That just makes me uncomfortable.

And our pun is:

While I die over the Joker/Pop Ice photo, I'd have to say my favorite is the two way looking pug. 

What's your favorite?

Have a fun, relaxing weekend!


  1. I like the angry bunny face best.

    I'm not a big facebook quiz person. I do them sometimes though, but I haven't been on FB a lot lately.

    I wonder how many ice pops are in that picture. Somebody's got too much time on their hands. :)

    1. That is a good question. The quizzes are really getting out of hand. I'm actually starting to be able to break away, just because they're becoming pretty silly.

  2. Ha-- I have that jogging one posted on Pinterest because, sadly, I think it's probably very accurate reflection of me on my outings LOL!

    1. I really enjoy jogging, but I know I'm a mess while doing so. It's good I usually run alone - or with my kids who don't care what I look like. At least not yet!

  3. I'd be Spock in Star Trek. :) Those poor ballerinas look like they're the on some kind of torture device. Yikes.

    I like the "Wash Hands" one. Have a great Sunday! :)

    1. The picture of the ballerinas definitely looks painful. :P

  4. You make me laugh, Lara! I loved all of these, but the fresh-washed ballerinas elicited an involuntary snort. :D

    1. Thanks, Denise! I'm glad they're funny on a regular basis. I feel performance anxiety every Friday!


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