Friday, September 14, 2012

Funny Photo Friday

Happy Friday!  I got a cheat week.  My children were sick again, so I got to stay home Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  I've been feeding them antibiotics the last two days so hopefully--as you're reading this--I'm at work!

One blessing that came from being home is I got in on Pitch Madness yesterday, and ended up with a request from an agent.  Yay!  Then, the rest of the night I got this blog post done and wrote up a one page synopsis that I was trying to avoid having to write.  For now, I'm going to dwell on the good feeling I have that someone finally wanted to know more about my story.  If you wouldn't mind keeping your fingers crossed for me for a positive eventual outcome, I'd appreciate it!

Also, I'm keeping my fingers crossed I got into the pitch contest at GUTGAA.  So much has been happening with pitching and querying that I haven't had time this week to write on the new WIP.  I"m trying not to feel guilty.  I imagine it goes in waves.  

But! I'm sure you'd like me to shut up  and show you the funny pictures!  The winner from last week's photos is:

And here are the new ones!

I'm having a hard time picking a favorite.  I'll have to go with "It's a series of tubes."  But, man, I really like them all this week! 

Could you pick a favorite?


  1. Okay, as lame as it is, I'd have to go with the horse one. It actually made me giggle.

    And CONGRATS on getting a request! I will cross every appendage for you. That's so exciting.

    Good luck on GUTGAA!

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for the very nice pictures. It was a joy to look at them. By the way, I wish you success on with the agent and hope that your pitch got you in the door.

  3. I vote the series of tubes, too. It's the one I had to show my husband. :)

  4. Fingers and toes crossed for you.

    I didn't quite get the lion one, but I thought the stable relationship was kind of funny....and the series of tubes. Thanks for the Friday laugh.

  5. Holy Frick! (Trust me, the real word I said was much stronger.) I totally forgot about GUTGAA. *pulls hair out*

    I had my e-mail all ready to go and didn't even think about it til now. I hope I don't forget the 2nd slot. My kids arrive home from the school bus at 2:55 (3:55 est). So I'll have to run inside and set my trigger finger.

    So stupid. So stupid. Glad I saw your posting on the blog--thanks for the reminder. And congrats on the PM request!

    I'm gonna go kick myself now.

  6. Congrats on the request! I wish you luck

  7. Ooh good luck with the request will keep fingers crossed for you. I liked the horse pic.

    Hoping your little ones are on the mend now.

  8. I like the horses! My fingers are crossed for you (which makes it kind of hard to type).

  9. I think ninja cat is best, because ninja and because cat :)

    Congrats on the request! *fingers crossed*

  10. Thanks everyone for the well wishes and crossed fingers and, in some cases, toes!

    The Stable Relationship is in the lead, closely followed by Tubes.

    @Suzi - Oh, man! I hope you got in the second round. That would seriously stink if you don't! :(

    @Suzanna - Thanks for my boys! They made it through the day of school, so I think they're okay for the time being!

    @Mike - Those ninja cats! I wonder if I can find any more...

  11. The owl one is my favorite. Lara, your blog looks great! I haven't been here in a while. You spruced it up quite nicely! What is all this about querying and pitches? You can tell I need to be updated a bit on your goings on. Hope your boys feel better soon!

  12. Oh Lara! Yippie, yippie yay!!!! You got a request during the pitch madness!! Whoopie! I guess that's a disadvantage of not having twitter. Maybe one day I'll break down and sign up. Idk...

    Did you make make it into round one at GUTGAA?

  13. PS. I forgot. I vote for MR. Owls too much coffee. That's me! hehe

  14. Congrats on the request! Yay! All appendages crossed! I like the weasel one the best!

  15. I'm all into stable relationships, so I loved the horses.

    Best of everything with your GUTGAA. May I pray instead of crossing my fingers?

  16. Pop!! Pop goes the weasel! :)

    Congrats, and good luck, lady.

  17. @Amanda - Thanks! I'm glad you stopped by! Boys seem all better today.

    @Ink - I like twitter, but haven't been on it so much. I learned about Pitch Madness while I was on Facebook, actually! It was a fun contest, though. I did get into the first round. My boss was in my office at five 'til nine and I just told him "I have to send this e-mail. It's a writer thing." He was okay with it, thankfully. :)

    @Lisa - Thanks for the good wishes!

    @David - I appreciate prayers, too. :)

    @Diane - Thanks! Did you feed the fish?

  18. The weasel cracked me up. (All were good, though. Commiserated with the owl, lol.)

    So happy you had such a great week! I am ecstatically excited for you, and terribly jealous (as I still have several hundred pages to go.) Finger, toes and eyes are all crossed!

  19. Requests are awesome. Way to go (and I hope the little ones are feeling better. Our family just got over something, too. Not fun.

  20. Next year, I hope to actually be ready for this pitching stuff with at least one of my manuscripts. ;) I'm tired of missing out on all these awesome activities!!

    Congrats on the request, ooooh!!! I am crossing everything for you ;)

  21. @D.D. - I can't wait for you to start querying, because I know it's going to be spectacular to watch!

    @David - Thanks, and I do think the little ones are all better. Now if I can not catch the ick, I'll be happy!

    @Trisha - I'm looking forward to seeing you in all the fun activities. I have to say the kindness of other contestants is so nice to encounter.


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