Thursday, November 26, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: Break Dancing Wood

Happy Friday and Happy *late* Thanksgiving for everyone who celebrates it.

The first few photos are Thanksgiving related. I couldn't help it. They were pretty funny.

I normally stay away from Miley Cyrus references, but this one really made me laugh.

Finishing off with general funny...

Not exactly an equal exchange.

Can you really do that? That would be so much easier.

Puns! The first is borderline, but it was so cute, I decided to use it, anyway.

Well, I hope everyone had a great week. :)

I'm sorry I don't have much to talk about. I feel like I'm letting everyone down or something, but my life is very mundane right now. Work, family, playing Minecraft with my family and writing. And watching iballistic squid Minecraft videos with my kids. That's life. And I have to say, it's a great life. But not exactly exciting, so I hope the photos are enjoyable enough to bring you back!

My favorite this week is Groot's break dancing predecessor. OH! I have a joke! I have lunch duty with 8th Graders, and to make it more fun, I started bringing jokes with me. There's a couple of tables who ask me for the joke of the day, so I'm starting to amass some jokes.

This one is: Who is Captain America's ancestor?  (wait for it.....) Captain Thirteen Colonies! (insert groan here)

Okay! Have a wonderful week, and I'll see you back here next weekend. Bye!!


  1. Ha ha, I like silly jokes. One time Robert, Chloe and I spent days thinking of pirate jokes and trying to out do each other. :D OK, break dancing groot relative it is, but those colonial ma and pa dogs are pretty great too. Minecraft...huh? My son and his girl are expecting a son in March. Our first boy grandchild. Wonder what his video game world will be like.

  2. Are you a Minecrafter? My son likes to play, but he's on and off again. So he'll go for a stretch of a few months of being into it. Then something else. Then back to Minecraft. I like it unless we're playing survival mode where I can die because I'm not very good and I always die. (Yes, sometimes it's him that kills me. It's very not nice to kill your mother, but he just laughs and I respawn. :) )

  3. Don't apologize for having a mundane week. I think those weeks are best. I can't choose between the log and the two dogs dressed in pilgrim hats looking for turkey. Have a good week, Lara!

  4. IVeronica & Suzi: Isn't it amazing how different video games are now? They've come a long way, for sure. I've never been very good at them, so I didn't like to play them as much as my sister.

    When I play Minecraft with my boys, they love to take care of me. They give me presents (diamonds and good swords and pick axes) and would leave me in the house so I don't die.. The trouble is, that's kind of boring! I try to tell them they need to explain to me how to do stuff, but it's so much faster to them if they just do everything for me. I've started going off on my own to try to figure it out, and then I get lost. It's actually very funny. I'm not much better at other video games. If I played more I'd improve, but it's torturous to fail so badly at something that's supposed to be fun. :P

    Lexa: Thanks so much! I'll take mundane over the stressful weeks, for sure. :) I hope you had a good week, too.


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