Thursday, March 19, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: Tricky Half-Notes

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone's week went well! I'd like to thank LG Smith and Mark Koopmans for sharing my Mindfulness Monday post this week. That was very kind of you!

All my thoughts are on finishing the first draft of Through the Fairy Ring. I'm thinking when the first draft is done, I'll start the process for getting a cover, so I can put it up for pre-orders. I'll be going through 99 Designs again, working with the same designer, Ivan Zanchetta, who designed Finding Meara. If I get to have a vote for which design is the best, I'll let you know, because I'd love your help picking a cover.

Then, on the other hand, I wonder if I should wait to get a cover until I'm closer to being finished with editing. Decisions, decisions.

Last week's favorite funny photo was:

Thanks, everyone, for the comments letting your will be known!

Here's the new photos!

My Italian great-aunt Julia used to always say this,
no matter what she was wearing, if you gave her a compliment.

Excellent Stanley impersonation. That is such a sad, sad play.
(Have I shared this before? It looks vaguely familiar to me.)

Better view?

Quite glad I'm not living there!

The expression!

My brain totally fixed this sign the first time I read it.

Those half-notes are such tricksters.

They'll let anyone into college these days... 

A pun or two?

In case you needed to know where to find them...

Have a great weekend! My favorite this week was "This is not a drill." For some reason it really cracks me up.

What's your favorite?


  1. Gotta go with fence hanging dog.

  2. Okay, so how I look at it, you could do two things. Either do the cover right away, cause that's always fun, or save it for when you maybe get mired down in editing. Maybe you don't ever, but I sure do. But if you do, it'd be a good time to get you excited about the whole thing again. But we're excited too, so don't wait too long to get the cover. :)

    I'm gonna pick the picture of the dog hanging on the whatever-that-is-fence thing as my favorite. Not cause it's particularly funny, but wow--that looks like the dog I had growing up. Ever the markings on her legs. What I loved about mine was those markings. Black at top, then a width of brown that looked like leg warmers--cause we did get her in the 80s. Then white paws. Seriously, just like my old dog. And I haven't run into too many dogs that looked like mine. I mean, if it were a black lab, okay, but mine wasn't a common breed.

    And just in case you're wondering, my dog was part border collie, part chihuahua. And no, she looked nothing like a chihuahua. She was just a smaller border collie. :)

    1. Oh wow. I just went back and looked and I just now noticed there's another dog sitting behind her on the floor. I don't have my contacts in yet, so that could be why, but that other dog is hidden well. :)

    2. Do you ever look at pictures of the eighties and the leg warmers and wonder "what the heck were they thinking"? There are some fashion trends now that I can't wait are long-gone history.

      I have a dog now that is known to be rat terrier, but he looks like a border collie with rat terrier markings, so I have to wonder about the other half of his parentage!

  3. Love the Not stuck dog. Obviously there have been Also love that poor dressed up chihuahua. That face! I can't decide if she's happy or thinking " just someone shoot me now". Poor creature. :D

  4. Ha! Love the catwalk.

    And I would think having a cover picked out would be fabulous inspiration for getting revisions done. In my sad little unpublished life I sometimes browse stock photos of what I think would make a nice cover for my story, just to get a little motivation. :)

    1. Getting a cover is one of my favorite things about self-publishing. And I was thinking exactly that getting a cover sooner might keep me motivated to hurry up and get finally finished!

  5. STELLA!! lol

    I would love to have entered a meme contest with that photo. :)

  6. I think I have to go with This-Old-Thing dog. The expression, the stance, the self-deprecating gesture all help sell it :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you end up with for the cover of your new book. The one for 'Finding Meara' turned out excellent.

    1. That little dog is so sweet.

      I can't wait to see the new cover, too (whenever I get it!) I have no ideas what Ivan might come up with this time. There's so many different directions he could go, because of how complicated the story is. But I really like his style, so I'm sure it's going to be good!

  7. I got lots of chuckles out of your picks this week! Silly Duck Knight, crazy floating kid, hanging dog and cat in class! And the puns were great too. I have to go with that adorable doggie "This old thing?" So funny!

    1. Thanks, Lexa! I'm glad they were good. It's been hard to find good pictures lately, so I've been a little anxious. :)


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