Friday, September 07, 2012

Funny Friday Photos and One Cute Video

Happy Friday!  Week one of GUTGAA is almost completed and I have to say I've really had fun getting to know so many new bloggers/writers.  The excitement and positive energy at the beginning of the week was spirit-lifting.  I'm looking forward to the next several weeks, too, but I think I'll let this week define the GUTGAA experience. 

Last weeks photo winner is:

Tonight I got to play with kittens!  Mommy kitty seems to be working to bring us all together.  Because of the good feelings I have toward cats tonight, I'm going with a Ninja Cat theme.  I also decided to include a video today just because I think it's cute.  I don't know, it might be a girl thing, but it's a lip-dub by some Navy men to Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen .  It makes me smile like the Cosplay lip-dub for Raise Your Glass by Pink does, so I thought I'd share.  The video is at the bottom.

And here's the video!  As always, thank you to all our Military, and special thanks to Poptartkrunche for putting together such a fun parody!

Do you have any plans for the weekend?  Do you have Ninja Kittens at your house?


  1. No Ninja kittahs at my house, but I do have a small cat-dog that could probably pass.

    Ha! You always have the best LOL pics. I'm liking the one with the cat jumping on the dog's head this week. :)

  2. That first picture is so funny... as long as I'm not the human taking it :)

    Have a great weekend Lara!

  3. I'm dying at the guy singing on the toilet!!!! Oh my gosh!

  4. I have no ninja cats. We're dog people here.

  5. Your blog looks different. I like it!

    Young ninja kitty has much to learn gets my vote.

    Navy video. I love these motivational, fun, morale-boosting videos! I have one with that same song done by another branch of the military, but you'll have to wait until next week's God Bless Our Military theme week on my blog. :)

  6. @LG - I'm glad I pick good ones! The cat on the dog's head definitely cracked me up!

    @Kelley - You have a great weekend too!

    @Cassie - Isn't it a fun video! I've watched it so much that when I hear Call Me Maybe the video plays in my head. And it still makes me smile!

    @Suzi - I have four dogs, too! I guess we're probably just animal people. :)

    @Karen - Thanks! The only drawback to the new template is I can't have embedded comments so I don't get to reply to each comment separately.

    I'm looking forward to the video next week! I know several different groups (military and others - even the US Olympic Swimming Team) parodied the song. It's such a fun song to sing along to!

  7. They are all super funny! The young one with much to learn made me burst out with a laugh so I guess that's my vote. :P This has been a "catty" day for me-- lots of cat themed things so you've lead a trend.

    My cat use to sideswipe the dog as a ritual at the end of the night. The cat would lie in wait until the dog came through the door, and then wham and scram. My cat's got 'tude. :)

  8. Such fun photos! Love the young ninja cat.

  9. I love how all this weeks pics conform to a ninja theme :) I like the picture with the rug in the background that looks like a cow. It really displays how ninja cats are lethal masters of disguise.

  10. @DD - Cats in general seem to have 'tude, but yours sounds pretty feisty!

    @Cindy - That little kitten looks cocooned!

    @Mike - Ninja cats are never seen before they strike. There were some others of camouflaged ninja cats, but I thought the cow one was the best!

  11. I relate to the Ninja with much to learn. :)

  12. Oh yeah... he looks like a fat little fluff ball, but he lords it over three dogs. Including a Labrador/Rottweiler cross. :-D

  13. Hey Lara,

    GO NAVY!!!

    That was an *awesome* video :)

    Nice to see our brave Sailors able to have the time to take a Chill-Ax moment to sing and, er, dance :)

  14. It's hard to choose a favorite from these - they all cracked me up!! Of course that first one is priceless!

  15. @Stacy - I'm thinking there's a story there!

    @Misha - Love those ninja cats! Thanks for the follow!

    @Mark - I thought it was fun! I like the dancing!

    @Kimberly - I really liked the first one, too. It thinks it's so smart!


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