Monday, January 02, 2012

What, Exactly, Is the Life List Club?

Why, let me tell you all about the Life List Club.  It is a group of writers and readers who display their "life lists" (goals) for the year after they join the club.  They then work hard to meet their goals and support other Life List Clubbers. 

So far the community has been wonderfully kind and friendly.  I look forward to getting to know the other members (who will be listed in a sidebar on my blog, once I get the list).

I encourage you to read the Life List Club page (formerly my Goals of 2012 page) to learn more about LLC.  It is open for anyone to join, as long as you are willing to make the committments listed in the welcome letter.  The contact information, if you are interested, is at the bottom of the letter, before the picture of Yoda.

We all find support for our life's journey in many different places.  I am so thankful my husband and family, who have always been loving and supportive of me--as a person and a writer.  Cindy Keen Reynders has encouraged me, and helped me to become a better writer.  I have also found great support from many of you, as well as the Writer Unboxed Facebook Community.

Where have you found support for either your writing career or for personal goals?


  1. I've never heard of this before, but it sounds worthy of checking out. Thanks for bringing it up!

    My CPs are a great support and not afraid to tell me when something doesn't work. Blogging makes that even more so.

  2. I've never heard of this before either. Thanks so much for telling us about it!

  3. Sounds like exactly what I need. :)

  4. I'm glad to share the information. I thought it was a wonderful idea!

  5. Critique groups, conferences with writing workshops and our own Lara have helped me hone my craft and stay motivated. Family helps because they put up with my crazy passion. Even the editor who worked on my first published book helped me, even though she ripped me to shreds. Point being, I LEARNED.

  6. Thanks for posting this, Lara. You're gonna be an awesome member.

  7. I've met a lot of great writers in different online communities. They've all been very supportive. I also have a critique group and my agency sisters and I are very supportive of each other.

  8. Thanks, Cindy! Isn't family support wonderful? I think you're right that even the rejections and failures can be support in the way that they help us learn.

    You're welcome David, and thanks for tweeting my blog post about it!

    Kelly: Online communities have become one of my places to get support and understanding. The internet is amazingly good, in a time-sucking kind of way!


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