Sunday, January 08, 2012

A "Thank You" and Some Upkeep

First, I would like to thank Cassie at Reading, Writing, and Lovin' It for the Great Comments Award.  It was so kind of her to think of me, and I really don't know how many people on the internet are as generous and kind as she is.  She also is a really good writer.  I enjoy her posts, but especially enjoy when she "fictionalizes" in her posts.  She has a wonderful voice, and a fun style to read. 

In order to accept the award, I am also supposed to pass it on.  That's where it gets a little tricky for me.  You see, many of the people that comment on my blog are all the ones that have already gotten the award, many of them from Cassie, or someone else in the recent past.  So, instead of officially passing the award on, I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you who take the time to comment and be friendly.  Every one matters a lot to me, and makes you a Great Commenter in my book. 

I would like to separately recognize Cindy Keen Reynders at Saucy Lucy Wisdom, because she has commented on almost every post I've ever written since she started her blog.  In total, I think she might have missed two or three posts.  Thanks, Cindy, for being there!

Just a little upkeep...

I feel as if I am inundating you all with posts, so I hope you will bear with me!  Today I am going to post this post and a "regular" post about risk.  I tried to keep the second post short, so if you wanted to read both, it wouldn't take you forever!

I promise I won't post again until Thursday, when I post the second story in the Nightgale Blog Challenge. 

On Friday, I am excited to have Life List Club member Jess Witkins here to guest post on goals, goal acheivement, or something of the sort!  I have read through several of her previous LLC posts, and believe you are all in for a treat!  I will be guest posting over at Gary Gauthier's blog, so when you finish reading Jess's post, come over and say hi!


  1. Lara, you are so sweet! Thank you so much for presenting me with this award. You keep me informed of so many great things going on in the writing market and your blog is truly motivational. Thank you!!!

  2. Lara, I just love you to death! You just totally made me feel all gooey and crap. :) Thanks so so so much!

  3. Haha. Lara, I 'pulled a you' with the comments award. :) I'm totally in agreement. Our blogging community is stupendous!

  4. You are welcome, Cindy, Cassie, and Kelley. I have been very fortunate to encounter you guys (well, girls) for company on this writing journey. :)


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