Thursday, January 29, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: The Three States of Dinosaurs

Who feels like this today?

I admit, I'm ready for the weekend!

This weekend I hope to get as much work done on Through the Fairy Ring as I did last weekend. I spent all day Saturday getting the old writing to match with the new ending. I felt so good with how much work I accomplished that I worked more on the story during the week. The only days I didn't write on it were when I wrote blog posts.

Last week's winner (with two and a half points - the half is because he was a secondary pick) is . . .

Here's the new photos. 

With one of my dogs I gave up trying to trick her. She would eat the stuff and spit out the pill.

I would love to know what exactly is happening here.

So, yeah. Chihuahuas are scary.

I am seeing a theme with irritability in this week's photos. Hmm... A sign of my state of mind?

The Three States of Dinosaurs

A couple puns and we're done!

Who is going to watch the Super Bowl this weekend? I think we'll probably watch some, but it's not a big draw around our house this year. Last year I was thoroughly impressed with Bruno Mars, but I'm not much of a Katy Perry fan so the half-time show will be a hard sell for me. The commercials are always fun, though. I think just as many people watch for the commercials as they do for the game, anymore.

My favorite is the Three States of Dinosaurs. The gas part makes me chuckle.

What's your favorite?

Have a wonderful weekend. Rest up for Monday!


  1. The dinosaur one is really good, but the four dogs made me laugh a little.

    Good job with all the writing! And we'll be watching the Superbowl, although I'll have to go pick up Miranda from a birthday party during it. But Cory's a big football guy. So I'll eat unhealthy appetizery food, while watching football and thinking about deflategate. :)

    1. I hope you enjoyed the game! Did you root for the Seahawks or the Patriots? :)

    2. I wasn't really rooting for either, until the end. Then I decided I wanted the Seahawks cause after that awesome catch that guy made, I thought they deserved it. (And yes, I'm aware that's probably a weird way of deciding. :) But then they lost and I was disappointed for them.

  2. I love signal cat! Our poor, old Theo used to have to stretch out in that signalling to the left position because of his arthritic joints. I also love the liver pill dog. I just had to put Morgan (the chocolate box cat) thru 10 days of antibiotics for a bladder infection. Thank goodness the vet has these tasty pill pocket treats. You just envelope the pill with the treat and it seems to be so darn yummy that it gets gobbled up in two seconds. The trouble over here is that I have two cats, so had to go thru twice the number of treats or risk a hissy fit over who gets the treat. :D

    1. I don't know how they do that! And I totally agree on having to treat everyone, because a disgruntled pet is no fun!

  3. I was going to say Irritable Owl Syndrome until I saw the guys watching a little football. That cracked me up.

  4. I also had a dog who could eat an entire hotdog and spit out the pill he needed to take. I have to choose bacon dogs! lol

    1. I just realized that I chose the wrong picture for this week's winner. :( It's supposed to be the bacon dogs! I'll have to fix that next week.


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