Thursday, November 27, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: Romaine Calm

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
(Even if you didn't celebrate the holiday this week!)

I have one thing in particular to be thankful for. Last week I had a surge of blog visitors--like, in the thousands type surge. I wish I knew who to thank for it, but I have no idea how so many people found my blog. If you're a return visitor, though, thank YOU for coming back!

I've used my holiday time to write. My husband took my children to visit his parents, and I stayed home to take care of our four dogs. Being alone means I have unlimited writing time. I've also been watching movies the rest of my family doesn't want to see, including Hamlet with David Tennant and Only Lovers Left Alive with Tom Hiddleston. It's very different to do what I want to do. I never realize it until moments like these, when I don't have to watch Spongebob for the thousandth time.

Ready for this week's funny photos? Here you go!

Not outdated in Wyoming. I personally know two people with handlebar mustaches.
Okay, maybe outdated, but still worn.

So, the "carry croutons" just makes me laugh, for some reason.

King Arthur's unknown, neighboring kingdom.

Truly a kitten's nightmare.

Which is faster - turtle or sloth?

This is what my son's head looks like.

Like around here, with all the fracking trucks. And yes, I mean trucks having to do with the fracking process, not as a word substitute for the "F"-word.

Weekly puns:

And here's an adorable picture I've included just because it is adorable. It looks like the baby snail is kissing the big one.

My favorite this week is "romaine calm" walrus, but I like "get a long little doggie," too.

Which is your favorite?

If you celebrated Thanksgiving this week, was it a good one?


  1. I like the romaine one too.

    I hope you enjoy your time alone and get lots done.

    1. So, yeah. It didn't work out at all like I'd planned. I give up making plans.

      The romaine was so cute!

  2. So many made me laugh - romaine, kitty campfire, sloth, and bunny! Adorable! I'm voting for the camel & baby 'coz -- look at that cute lil' thing!!

    1. I'm so glad you like them! Your comments always make me happy I make the posts. Thanks!


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